Create fake SCCM Clients with Hardware Inventory

This blog post deals with adding fake computers or users to a SCCM environment. Why would you want to add fake clients to a SCCM environment? You probably want to test something, maybe load test something, there can be multiple reasons. But since you are here, you probably have a reason, so let's move on :) I use the CM Client API to create a resource and I say resource because it can also be a user in addition to a computer. So, let's start with the prerequisites so you don't waste your time here. Configuration Manager Client Messaging SDK [...]

SCSM Send Email for Cireson Analyst Portal

07-12-2016 Updated to support Cireson Portal 6+ Many people still use the community solution called Send Email made by Travis Wright for Incident and later extended to Service Requests by Patrick Sundqvist. This allows the analyst to write a message to the Affected User or other related users on the Incident or Service Request and wrap the message in a nice email notification with prefilled information of your own choosing. Example:   At the same time you can control what should happen to the Incident or Service Request after the email has been sent – for example if the Message [...]

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Configure Coretech Application E-Mail Approval tool to always use the fallback mail

As you can read in this blog post – we recently released a new version of our E-Mail approval tool. One of the new features in the tool is to configure a fallback address. You can either specify a Manager as the approver or a fallback group like Servicedesk. In order to configure the tool to always use the fallback address follow these steps: Open C:\Program Files (x86)\coretech\Coretech Application Approval Service Edit the CM_AppReqListen.exe.config.xml file Find the Section in called <setting name="UseManager" serializeAs="String"> Change <value>True</value> to <value>False</value> Save and close the file Restart the Coretech CM Application Request Listener service

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Coretech Application E-Mail Approval Tool

A little over a year ago we released the first version of our Application E-mail approval utility. Ever since our first release we have received lots of positive feedback and ideas to new features. Most of the ideas are implemented in this new release. Thanks for all the feedback and please keep it coming. This blog post will explain how you can install CTAA (Coretech Application Approval tool) – Download Additional blog posts will follow and explain how you can customize the tool. Why the need for this utility The idea with this utility is to integrate a “real approval [...]

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Coretech Package Source Changer Beta

[download id="115"]   UPDATE: New version uploaded fixing a bug in list and improving error logging. Please send any logs if your application crashes This post describes the tool and configuration. Blog post by Kent Agerlund, describing how to use it in your environment 1. Introduction   As we start migrating from CM2007 to CM2012 one of the requirements is that the package source used for packages must be a UNC. we have seen many site installations where the package source is either a local source on the site server or a UNC pointing to the site server. In either [...]

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New version of the Coretech Shutdown tool

The Coretech shutdown tool is available in a new version. [download id="11090"] The new version allows you to close one or more running process(es) prior to installing another program. The updated version is perfect for those scenarios where an application (like JAVA) requires that one or more programs are closed before starting the installation. To read more about the Shutdown tool please look at these blog posts and What is the shoutdown tool From the beginning the utility was designed to restart or shutdown computers that have been running without a restart for more than a specified number [...]

Upcoming System Center 2012 Configuration Manager book

Today I just finished typing the last word in my upcoming book titled System Center 2012 Configuration Manager: Mastering the Fundamentals. The book is published by and will be available on Amazon from Mid-June. The book will also be available for Kindle a few weeks later. Once the book is published we will also publish a Hydration kit that you can use to build thesame virtual ConfigMgr environment used in the book. You will also be granted access to download the scripts and sample files used in the book. On this journey of writing I got help from two [...]

Coretech Shutdown Utility 0.9

Download Restarting computers in the IT environment is often hard to accomplish, without facing problems like: Very unhappy users Scenarios where you restart while the end-user is using the computer for a demo or presentation End-users calling Servicedesk and complaining about a virus that’s shutting down their computer Restarting computers that are already compliant, and did not need a restart. This tool tries to satisfy both the user and the administrator. Giving the user: The ability to execute, abort or/and postpone. A clear indication of the time left. Giving the administrator: The ability to customize the user experience, visual as [...]

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Enabling Email approvals for your requested applications in Configuration Manager 2012

By default application approvals must be done from within the ConfigMgr 2012 administrator console. If you have Service Manager 2012 you can use that to implement an approval process. For those of you who do not (yet) have Service Manager here is a tool that you can use. The solution consists of a Website and a Web Service. None of them have to be installed on the same server. Also there is no requirement to install any the components on the site server. Download our beta 0.9.8 version here How it works The Coretech Application Approval Server (CAAS) is installed [...]

Coretech shutdown utility 0.81

Updated version of the shutdown utility is ready for download. Thanks to Tom for reporting a bug in the previous version. Bug Fixes: Fixed Memory Leak, which let the program consume up to 160MB. Fixed /eb switch generating a file instead, changed argument syntax to /ebM:xxx and /ebL:xxx   ShutdownTool.exe [/t] [/d] [/m] [/r | /l] [/f] [/c] [/eb] [/es] [/er] No args                 Shutdown procedure with default settings. /?                             Display help. /t:xxx                     Sets countdown time to xxx seconds. (Default 60) /m:xxx                  Sets max allowed extension to xxx minutes. (Default 1440) /d:"xxx"               Sets description to xxx.                                  This can also be [...]

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Updated version of the Coretech Shutdown Utility v. 0.8

A new and updated version of our popular shutdown utility is available for download. Read this post for a detailed description of the utility. Changelog: Additions: Added Exit Error Codes. Added Minimize Button. Added Notification Form when Minimized. Added the support for an external description text file. Added the argument support for LastBootTime more or less. Added the argument support for RegistryKey equals or not equals. Added the support for using Capital Letters as argument type. Changes: Changed Main form as well as the Notification form to be Desktop Modal. Changed the design to "Splash Form" style, with background and [...]

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Coretech Package Source Changer Beta

[download id="39"] This is the post that describes the tool and configuration. Please view  this guide by my colleague Kent Agerlunds, on how to use it in a ConfigMgr Migration 1. Introduction   As we start migrating from CM2007 to CM2012 one of the requirements is that the package source used for packages must be a UNC. I have seen many site installations where the package source is either a local source on the site server or a UNC pointing to the site server. In either case, you must somehow update the package source before starting the migration. This utility [...]

Coretech SCCM Manager 1.0.4 – Freeware Download

[download id="32"] This week a customer contacted us, claiming that the tool did not work on sundays! I thought that was pretty strange, so I asked for log file/event log messages, and it was true. It did fail! It was even “Kernelbase.dll” or “kernel32.dll” that was throwing the exception! I tested it on our test environment, and got the same errors.! I turned out to be an old Visual Basic function, that is used to retrieve the name of the current day, that was failing on sundays. This new version has an updated logfile writer, which writes the correct format [...]

Coretech SCCM Manager – Freeware Download

New Version out! 1.0.4! Get it here: Since we found a minor bug in the 1.0.3 version, we have decided to release version This has fixed the bug that cause distribution points that did have “-“ in the name, not to show up in the list of DPs. We are still working on a newer version, but can not give any info about when it will be released, since we don’t know. Changelog / What’s New 1.0.3 -> Fixed bug that caused DP’s that had “-“ in their name, not to show up in the list. 1.0 RC1 [...]

New version of Johan Arwidmark’s “Pretty Good Frontend” has been released

Johan has just released a new version of his Pretty Good Frontend which is a suburb frontend for your MDT and Configuration Manager image deployment solutions. The frontend is a free download and comes with a complete setup guide. Download the tool and Download the setup guide To Johan; keep up the great work. There is nothing like really cool utilities directly from the “masters”.

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Coretech Auto Install Warning – Freeware

DOWNLOAD REMOVED! Update: New version out. please look at : When we are deploying application to the user's computers, we sometimes want to warn them about what is happening. This is to prevent any complains about etc. "My Computer is slow", "Do i have Virus?" or similar complains that might occur when the computer slows down while installing. Therefore i have created this small utility. It can show a message, with a countdown, that all. This can be used in etc. Config Mgr Setups. for a guide of how to use it please read: Requirements: Windows XP / [...]

Coretech SCCM Manager 1.0.3 – Freeware Download

New version is out! . We're back with a new version of Coretech Application Creator! We have decided to change the name of the application, since the old name did not fit with all the features available. Changelog / What’s New 1.0 RC1 -> 1.0.3 Application has a new name, the old name did not cover the features, and future plans for the application. Configuration wizard is shown the first time the program is run, to help setup the basic settings. Changed collection structure, which means that no specific collection names are needed, only a user-defined “root collection” is [...]

Copy Handler

Download: System Requirements: All Windows OS Licence: Free Developer: Info:   Short Description: A handy little tool for handling all your Copy/Move actions.. I use this tool because of the Pause/Resume functions, the ability to continue copy even if a file fails, and because it shows info on progress, speed, time left e.t.c.

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Coretech Application Creator for SCCM without Active Directory integration

Download: [download#3#size#nohits] System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Development team: Kent Agerlund: Contributor Michael Pedersen: Contributor Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen: Main Developer In the first version of our Coretech Application Creator the Collection membership was based on Active Directory Groups. Based on the first feedback we developed a version without the Active Directory integration. In this version the application will automatically create collections, import the package, create 2 programs and optionally two advertisements. The application is pretty esasy to use, but I will advice you to read the help before you start. For detailed information about installation and configuration [...]

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Coretech Application Creator For SCCM

This version is obsolete! please download new Coretech SCCM Manager at System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista. Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Development team: Kent Agerlund: Contributor Michael Pedersen: Contributor Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen: Main Developer 1. Introduction This utility is developed based on many years of experience with Microsoft System Management Server now System Center Configuration Manager. Our mission is to streamline every aspect of the package creation process thus making the daily administration of the system smarter. In the latest version you’ll also find functionality to prestage computers and configure variables used in the image deployment process. This utility is Freeware, [...]