Windows Azure Pack / SMA: How to fix when some VM Clouds Automation Triggers does not work

In WAP VM Clouds provider, we are able to set trigger on different actions.   Yesterday, in a new test environment, I had a problem that some of them would not trigger. When I tested Subscription trigger, it worked fine, but none of the others worked.   Luckily I asked my MVP network for help, and fellow CDM MVP Stan showed me the path to the fix! (Check his blog here: He said some actions are handled directly by WAP, and some are handled by SPF.   The SMA Web service has to use a valid certificate that is [...]

Service Management Automation: Runbook/Workflow for getting selected object(s) in an SCSM Request Offering Query Result Question

Hello Everyone! Today It is my turn to write in the Coretech christmas calendar! Currently I am working a lot in Service Management Automation (SMA), a part for Windows Azure Pack. More info: SMA is based on PowerShell workflow, so this could be used in other scenarios than within SMA. The first example i want to show is an easy way to get the selected object(s) in a Service Manager Request Offering [download id="226"] Setup / Import Download or create Get-SCSMCIFromUserInput.ps1 Open WAP Admin Portal Go to Automation Import Runbook Creating Assets This runbook uses 2 assets. “SCSM Server” [...]

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Service Management Automation: SMA Toolkit Released!

Microsoft has collected all of their SMA tools into one tookit called “SMART”   Info from their technet gallery item: The SMA Runbook Toolkit (SMART) is a collection of Service Management Automation (SMA) related tools. They are all PowerShell-based and provided as samples, to help achieve the following tasks:   Visualization and Dependency Mapping Tool 1.0 – New! This tool lets you browse SMA Runbooks and export their dependencies to the PowerShell console, Visio, Word and/or Visual Studio. Once runbook tendencies have been computed, the Visual Studio export is particularly fast and has a nice automatic layout in DGML. This [...]

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PowerShell Deployment Toolkit: Windows Azure Pack install fails

I am a big fan of PDT but I have been trying to install Windows Azure Pack and the complete system center using PowerShell Deployment Toolkit Using the newest version (currently version 2.64.2611) it fails installing the Windows Azure Pack components! Luckily i found the error: Use a password for the installer user that follows the rules for Windows Azure Pack Minimum 8 chars Include at least one upper case letter and one lower case. include at least one number Include at least one non-alphanumeric. (In my case i was missing this! .. so added a ! to the password) [...]

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New 3-day Workshop: Windows Azure Pack: Mastering Service Management Automation (SMA)

I am currently in development of my new mastering class in SMA. Here is the detailed info and upcoming dates Title Windows Azure Pack - Mastering Service Management Automation Days 3 Level 300 Trainer Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen, Cloud & Data Center MVP. Email: [email protected] MVP Profile: Blog: Summary Go from A to Z in Service Management Automation. The new automation tool based on PowerShell Workflows. Beside the introduction, architecture and installation, this workshop focuses on designing Runbooks using PowerShell Workflows in SMA. Learn how to convert your knowledge of PowerShell scripts to PowerShell Workflows. We will start from [...]

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PowerShell/SMA/WAP: Controlling LEGO Mindstorms EV3 from PowerShell/SMA Runbook – Part 1 – The Runbook

A few weeks ago i posted the video about my demo of the LEGO Mindstorms robot, controlled by a Runbook inside the Service Management Automation section of Windows Azure Pack The video has been seen by many people and i have gotten so much great feedback! Multiple people have asked me of “How did you do that?” I have decided to do a multi part post, first posting the details, then more guides to how to do the different setup tasks Part 1 – SMA Runbook, Overview + Setup Part 2 – How to setup a variable asset in SMA [...]

SCO2012/WAP/SMA: VIDEO – Integrating a LEGO Mindstorms Robot using SMA/PowerShell

By request I have uploaded the short video of my Windows Azure Pack & Service Management Automation (SMA) Demo this friday!     URL:   Robot is LIVE at about 02:30 !! From the creators of Coretech Coffee Monitor , here comes a short movie of the demo of how to integrate LEGO Mindstorms (or practically anything!) in a PowerShell runbook in the Service Management Automation feature of System Center Orchestrator R2 & Windows Azure Pack Presented by System Center Cloud and Data center MVP -  Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen @ Microsoft Cloud OS Roadshow 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark! More info [...]