OMS/EMS Seminar March 2016: Enterprise Mobility Suite Session Notes and slides

Hi First and foremost, thanks to all attendees for a great day on Wednesday. Lots of great questions and discussions and to all of you who is wondering what happened to my girlfriend’s phone – well I had to un-enroll it the morning after!  For those of you who are waiting for the EMS-book that Kent is writing together with Peter Daalmans, it is not to long until it is published so stay tuned! I will update this blog post with link to the book when it is out.. Download the slide deck: EMS Microsoft EMS Resources app is free and [...]

Hardware overview with Power BI

In the true spirit of christmas, I will share some cool tricks on how to get deeper into Power BI. My good friend and collegue Henrik Hoe started out by showing a little bit on how to get started with Power BI, I will extend upon that and show you how easily create a live view of SCCM inventory data. First of all, we need to have Power BI Dekstop installed. For easy access to my SCCM database I installed it on my SCCM Primary Site (it is a test environment so that okay, but normally you would not do [...]

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December 3rd – SQL Stored Procedure in a SCOM Widget

Download Stored Procedure: [download id="270" format="1"] Download Web Site: [download id="269" format="1"] If you already knows about the Widgets in SCOM you have perhaps thought about how to execute a stored procedure against a SQL server directly from your console. However – I have used the following use-cases a couple of times before and used it for presenting different information. In this Use-case its about creating a widget which is able to show the current performance on the SQL Server database disk for your SCOM implementation (Web Browser Widget): First of all – why produce and present this information. Often when [...]

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