A new and updated version of our popular shutdown utility is available for download. Read this post for a detailed description of the utility.



Added Exit Error Codes.

Added Minimize Button.

Added Notification Form when Minimized.

Added the support for an external description text file.

Added the argument support for LastBootTime more or less.

Added the argument support for RegistryKey equals or not equals.

Added the support for using Capital Letters as argument type.


Changed Main form as well as the Notification form to be Desktop Modal.

Changed the design to "Splash Form" style, with background and 90% opacity.

Changed the Company Logo to appear in both the left and right upper corners.

Changed the size of the Company Logo to 100x50, will scale, maintaining aspect ratio, to fit.

Changed the Extend Button to read Postpone.

Changed the Postpone selection to include "1 day", if applicable.

Changed the times for when the form should return from Minimized to Normal state, from 10/5/1 minutes to 60/30/10/5/1 minutes.


All credits goes to our developer Claus Codam ‚Äď nice work dude!