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This is the post that describes the tool and configuration. Please view  this guide by my colleague Kent Agerlunds, on how to use it in a ConfigMgr Migration

1. Introduction


As we start migrating from CM2007 to CM2012 one of the requirements is that the package source used for packages must be a UNC. I have seen many site installations where the package source is either a local source on the site server or a UNC pointing to the site server. In either case, you must somehow update the package source before starting the migration.


This utility is Freeware, making it illegal to change or sell, but legal to use in any purposes.

Please bear in mind that this is a beta version (, we have ofcause tested it in our test environment, but we need any feedback or bugs that you might experience!

Thank you! 🙂

We hope you’ll benefit from our application. Please report any suggestions problems or errors to Coretech at


2. Installation

No installation needed. Unpack the zip file to a folder on the site server


3. Setup


1. Start PackageSourceChanger.exe as an administrator

2. Accept License Agreement

3. Click "configuration"

4. Setup servername and log location

4. Advanced configuration



The application contains one configuration file.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Config xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">

In this file you can setup default values for the textboxes, servername, log file path, check update and license agreed.

Change it manually if you require that the applications startup values are different.

The other parts of the configuration will be setup by the application.

5. Changelog / What’s New


No changelog since this is the first public version.



6. Credits

The utility is created and distributed by Coretech A/S.

Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen: Main Developer

Kent Agerlund: Contributor / Initiator