By default application approvals must be done from within the ConfigMgr 2012 administrator console. If you have Service Manager 2012 you can use that to implement an approval process.

For those of you who do not (yet) have Service Manager here is a tool that you can use. The solution consists of a Website and a Web Service. None of them have to be installed on the same server. Also there is no requirement to install any the components on the site server.

Download our beta 0.9.8 version here

How it works

The Coretech Application Approval Server (CAAS) is installed on the Site server and will monitor any approval requests made by users.

  1. A request is made by the end user from the software web catalog 


  2. CAAS will monitor the request, look up the user in Active Directory and find the manager. In this example I’m my own manager.
  3. Send an approval mail to the manager.

  4. The manager approves or rejects the request.
  5. Request rejected by the manager

  6. Application approved by the manager and ready for installation.


Installing the Website

    1. Start the installation and click Next. 


    2. Enter the FQDN, the Site Code and click Next.

    3. Set a checkmark in the allowed actions and Click Next.clip_image006

      Allow Action by Id:
      Allows managers to deny/approve requests that match an Id
      Required to work the the Coretech AA Service
      Allow Action by User: Allows managers to deny/approve requests that match an User

      Allow Action by Application:
      Allows managers to deny/approve requests that match an User

      Allow Wildcard:
      Allows managers to deny/approve requests that match on wildcard

    4. Select a Site to place the Virtual Directory.

Give the Virtual Directory a name (Default: CAAWebsite).

Choose an Application Pool that runs ASP.Net v4 in Integrated mode.

Click Next.


  1. Click Next to start the installation.clip_image010
  2. Installation Complete, click Close.clip_image012

Installing the web Service

  1. Start the Installation and click Next.

  2. Enter the FQDN of the Site Server and the the Site Code.
    Enter the FQDN of the Web Server that holds the Coretech AA Website.
    Enter the Virtual Path of the Coretech AA Website (Default: CAAWebsite).
  3. Enter the FQDN of the mail server to use, the port to use on the mail server and the mail address to send as.image
  4. Enter the folder to install the Service, or keep the default.image
  5. Click Next to start the installation.image
  6. Installation is complete, click Closeimage

A huge tribute goes to Claus Codam who is the main developer behind the tool