Blazor State Management

This post is a small tip if you are dealing with managing and persisting states in your Blazor app. Jeremy Likness made a good post covering the challenges with maintaining the state of your component and what options you have to solve it. An obvious example here is when you want to maintain the data in your form. When you are filling out a form, and then navigate away from the page, it would be convenient in most cases (depending on the scenario), that the data you filled out is not gone. Looking at the Counter component from the template [...]

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SCSM Giveaway 1: Send Email – Change Request 2016

It ain't over until the phoenix in its own right sings. I'm giving away some of the Service Manager (and a bit of SCOM) stuff I've been doing over the past couple of years just sitting and collecting dust. And whatever opinion or feelings you might have about this product, there are still many customers around the world using the tool every day. So before it's too late, I feel it be better to get it out while it's still being used. This first give-away is, you could say, an obligation to give to the community, because it was created [...]

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ConfigMgr: Prerequisite check error when upgradeing to 1810 – SQL Server Configuration for site upgrade failed

So, I guess this is not limited to just when you upgrade from 1806 to 1810, however that was the case when I upgraded a customer the other day. I got the following error when doing the prerequisite check i SCCM prior to an upgrade to 1810 from 1806.   My initial thought was that this was a bit generic without giving proper guidance to fix the issue   SQL Server Configuration for site upgrade Failed Checks if the specified SQL Server meets the minimum requirments for site upgrade   Digging in the log files (CMUpdate.log) I found out that [...]

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Windows Autopilot: 6 things you must consider before ordering a Windows 10 device today

Autopilot, one of the hottest buzzwords within Windows 10 management of 2018, if you ask me. And I think you agree. Why? This small piece of technology has changed the way we look at IT. Not because it revolutionizes every aspect of the way you deliver IT into the hands of our users, but it fundamentally changes an important peace making us think about change and transformation along the way as a synergy. And this makes us ask the question - can we transform other pieces of our IT services delivered to our users. Now, I assume you know what [...]

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Installing a Cloud Management Gateway and Cloud Distribution Point in ConfigMgr 1806

With each release of ConfigMgr Microsoft is making huge strides in internet-based client management. There are many new features for the CMG in 1806 however this blog is focused on the simplification of the installation. Many customers have been reluctant to use a CMG due to the complex and confusing certificate requirements. In versions prior to 1806 the cloud distribution points and cloud management gateways had to be deployed as separate roles. The cloud management gateway now can serve content to clients. This simplifies the installation, reduces the number of certificates required and lowers the cost of operations. These simplifications [...]

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Sometimes I think there is not enough fear in the World!

Kind of a catchy title and perhaps a bit scary but nevertheless this is often what I think when looking at the number of legacy Windows operating systems and Management systems “out there”. Let’s get it straight, Windows 7 is end of extended support in 2020 or a little more than 400 working days. For many organizations that is simply not enough time to migrate all clients to Windows 10 unless the project is already begun.Client operating systems Latest update or service pack End of mainstream support End of extended supportWindows Vista  Service Pack 210-Apr-1211-Apr-17Windows 7 * Service Pack 113-Jan-15January [...]

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Create ConfigurationItems and Baselines without killing your mouse

This information applies to ConfigMgr version 1710 and later. One of the things I really love about working in IT is that you can learn new stuff all the time, and when new stuff turns into boring repetitive stuff you can apply automation and add yet another new piece of learning to your skillset. Over the last few releases of Configuration Manager, the product team has added some new cmdlets for managing Configuration Items and Baselines, and I started to look into these when I was given the task to create a lot of very similar CIs and Baselines for [...]

Intune: Use PowerShell management extension to enable BitLocker on a modern managed Win10 device

I wrote a blog post back in April on "how to manage BitLocker on a Azure AD Joined Windows 10 Device managed by Intune", where I also wrote a PowerShell script to automate the encryption process for the day that we would get PowerShell support in Intune. Well Microsoft announced in September the Management extension for Intune which basically lets you deploy PowerShell scripts via. Intune to Windows 10 devices. My co-worker Peter Daalmans wrote a great blog post about it right after, where he explained in more detail about the extension. I have a link for that post at [...]

Adjust Your Mirrors to Avoid Blind Spots

…and why the Enterprise needs IT visualization Two months ago, we launched the latest version of our cloud based visualization service CTGlobal Insight & Analytics and looking back at the last two years where we have been working with customers visualizing various IT KPI’s this post will answer the question I get from all customers “How do other companies avoid big blind spots in their enterprise IT?” We all know the depressing facts about the damage caused by Wanacry, Patya and Adylkuzz ransomware and we also know that the impact of these attacks could have been avoided if only security [...]

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Windows 10: Modern Management – Automate OSD with a USB drive and a Provisioning Package

First of all this is not a blog post on how you create an provisioning package or how that works. However I will link a few other post from Microsoft to get you started if that is something you are looking for. So jump to the end of this post for a select few great posts on the topic. If you are using Autopilot, then you are using Autopilot, good for you! :) There may be situations where you want to combine provisioning packages and Autopilot. I will explain this further in an upcoming blogpost about Autopilot. Now, in this [...]

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