Cireson Portal – Getting started with customization and general tips & tricks

  This post is made to help you get started with customizing the Cireson self-service Portal, but also includes a collection of customization code examples and tips you perhaps didn’t know about. The blogpost will mainly focus on customization done in CSS and Javascript/jQuery and not the customization you can do via the Cireson administration GUI or JSON files. If you are new to the Cireson Portal I would recommend you to read up on some of the good knowledge articles Cireson has on the topic. I’ve gathered a list here which also include some external ressources from the community. [...]

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Tech 2015 – SCO & SCSM–Lessons learned from the real world–Slides, Examples, Tools, Template / How to use runbook template

Thanks for being a great audience! and for so many showing up! As promised I have uploaded the runbooks and management packs I demonstrated in the session including my SCO Template for runbooks Content Examples Tools Runbook Template Slides Download here: Links: Best practices book: Coretech MP Transfer tool SCSM Extension Integraiton Pack Parse Export Sanitize Export + Custom Runbook Activity Type + Lots of other stuff   How to use the runbook template: Import runbooks. this includes folders and shared runbooks. But, to be able to create another stage that points to [...]

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Automation / SCO / SCSM Tip: Always retry when trying to update an items or any other action in external systems (how to use looping)!

In my work on automating system center service manager, I have learned my lessons! On my blog i want to share bits of my experiences so that hopefully you do not hit the same issues in your automation.   TIP! Always retry your actions when trying to update an item in service manager and it is always a good idea to think about retried when connecting to any system! cloud or on-prem!   Why? you might ask In this case it is about the  dreadful service manager error message for “The item has been changed by another user or process. [...]

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Service Management Automation: Runbook/Workflow for completing a SCSM SMA Runbook Activity

Almost christmas!   Today brings another example for handling Service Manager in in Service Management Automation (SMA), a part for Windows Azure Pack. More info: SMA is based on PowerShell workflow, so this could be used in other scenarios than within SMA. This example is a runbook I use to complete an activity in service manager, in the end of most of my Service Manager runbooks. I do this cause I want to speed up the processing and not wait for the “Check SMA Runbook Activity Complete” workflow that runs every 5 minutes but completing the Runbook activity manually [...]

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Service Management Automation: Runbook/Workflow for getting selected object(s) in an SCSM Request Offering Query Result Question

Hello Everyone! Today It is my turn to write in the Coretech christmas calendar! Currently I am working a lot in Service Management Automation (SMA), a part for Windows Azure Pack. More info: SMA is based on PowerShell workflow, so this could be used in other scenarios than within SMA. The first example i want to show is an easy way to get the selected object(s) in a Service Manager Request Offering Setup / Import Download or create Get-SCSMCIFromUserInput.ps1 Open WAP Admin Portal Go to Automation Import Runbook Creating Assets This runbook uses 2 assets. “SCSM Server” [...]

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Service Manager powershell snippets

Merry x-mas! In today’s December calendar tips & trick I'm going to a post some useful powershell snippets for Service Manager. As we all know, the December 11th is the special day where the Bethlehem-powershell star outshined all the others.        The scripts here is mostly for administrative purposes. They are of course provided “as-is” so feel free to expand/optimize/ include more error handling etc. Create Management Pack UPDATE: Script now works with different windows localization. Default language will now be set according to the console language user preference and not the windows locale Unfortunately we are not [...]

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How many Incident Requests are resolved within the same day?

Do you use System Center Service Manager, and do you or your boss want to know how many Incident Requests the support team are resolving within the same day as it was created? If yes, then you are on the right blog post. Run the query below against the Data Warehouse database DWDataMart, and you will get a monthly trend report on resolved Incident Requests. Configure variables in the Query There are two variable in the Query you need to configure before you run it. SET @Year = 2014; define the year the request was resolved SET @Supportgroup = '1. [...]

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SCSM & SCO – Management Pack Transfer Tool Beta 3 – Freeware!

New version out! a few bugs have been fixed, and the mappings are now kept properly! (see changelog below)   Download from TechNet Gallery   Have you ever tried to transfer some Request Offerings that contains runbooks from one environment to the other? You will notice that is it not possible by default. Problem is that the links to the runbooks do not work anymore since all the runbooks has been re-imported and have been assigned new IDs. by using this easy 4 step procedure you can accomplish a successful transfer!   How to (also in ReadMe): Step 1 – [...]

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Set-SCSMTemplateWithActivities powershell script

UPDATE 02-01-2014: Fixed some issues in script   When dealing with the cmdlet: Set-SCSMTemplate in SMLets, you might have noticed that if you apply a template with activities, the prefix of the ID’s (e.g. RA300 or MA250) is all missing. And it’s the same issue if done via the SDK or Orchestrator. One workaround, described by Lee Berg here: is to modify the management pack that contains the template, and then insert the prefix like this: MA{0}. This approach works, but can be quite cumbersome as it takes time to do and also “locks” the template so any modification [...]

SCO/SCSM 2012: Approval does not work from portal when review activity was created by runbook/script/SDK!

Today i had this weird problem.   The Review activities i created from my orchestrator runbook, did not work! I was able to approve, but they never completed! But this was only the case when approving from the portal. It worked as expected from the console!   After some research i managed to find the problem: Approval Condition was NULL! This means that the Review activity will never complete.   So why did it work from the console? Well you see, the default dropdown value for the “approval condition” is unanimous! and therefore, whenever i opened it in the consoel [...]

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SCO 2012 / SCSM 2012: Using Create Incident With Template

  The Service Manager 2012 Integrations Pack includes an activity to create Incidents using a template. Unfortunately, by default it does not create the incident correctly. Luckily the Solution is really very easy!   All you need to do is 1. Add the optional field ID 2. Change the value from {0} to IR{0} This makes sure that the Incident is correctly created. This method might apply to other classes and activities too

SCO 2012: Videos from NIC 2013 is online!

  System Center Orchestrator 2012 – Self service with Service manager The future is self-service! You see it everywhere, but now it has arrived for IT. In this session Jakob will show you how to utilize the new Self-service portal in Service Manager 2012, combined with System Center Orchestrator 2012 to make a fully automated environment with a great user interface, in a simple way!   (sorry embedding was not allowed) System Center Orchestrator 2012 – Runbook Design for Service manager In this session we will dive into tips and tricks in designing production runbooks for Service Manager. Learn [...]

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