SCSM & SCO – Management Pack Transfer Tool Beta 3 – Freeware!

New version out! a few bugs have been fixed, and the mappings are now kept properly! (see changelog below)   Download from TechNet Gallery   Have you ever tried to transfer some Request Offerings that contains runbooks from one environment to the other? You will notice that is it not possible by default. Problem is that the links to the runbooks do not work anymore since all the runbooks has been re-imported and have been assigned new IDs. by using this easy 4 step procedure you can accomplish a successful transfer!   How to (also in ReadMe): Step 1 – [...]

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SCO/SCOM 2012: Get Alerts / Monitor Alerts – How to Filter on empty/null property

When using orchestrator, a lot of activities contain a filter Get Alert / Monitor Alert is some of them. The following workaround is tested for the above 2 activities, but i think it does apply to other filter activities too. (have not had the time to test yet, comments are welcomed!).   I ran into an unexpected behavior today: I was using a filter saying “TicketId Does not equal No Automatic Escalation”, and i was expecting to get alle alerts that did not have this text in the field. but I did not get all of them!. I only got [...]

SCO 2012 – Attention! Use correct order of params in Invoke Web Services XML Payload!

Are you experiencing problems when using advanced SOAP XML payloads in “Invoke Web Services”? I did! it seems to work properly, but some parameters did not get filled correctly. After some testing i discovered that the parameters in the XML payload has to be in the correct order!! If not, the parameters “in between” will be filled by NULL, and then later it will ignore or skip the rest of the parameters if they appear in the wrong order!! The reason is that it is using the DataContractSerializer. thanks to by colleague Claus for finding this forum thread there they [...]

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SCO 2012: Updating the stored procedures in the database to remove deleted objects from the Authorization Cache

  As you might know, Orchestrator never deleted anything from the database, instead it marks the object as deleted. Ryan talks about it in this blog post about undeleting objects. Read more here In my Lab environment I import and delete a lot of runbooks. A couple of weeks ago i hit a point where the web service did not show all objects. After a thorough investigation i found out that the authorization cache was too big to be generated within the giving time. Therefore the web service would timeout before the cache was complete. I tried to delete objects, [...]

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SCO 2012: PS Function for parsing the result of the “Run Exchange Management Shell Cmdlet” Activity

  If you are using the Exchange Admin Integration Pack. You might have tried to use the run exchange shell cmdlet" activity and disocvered that the result is kind special in formatting.   Your result will look similar to this: [PSComputerName:] [RunspaceId: f30b4063-2b50-4609-9f84-91a480ac4bea] [Database: Mailbox Database 1872261918] [UseDatabaseRetentionDefaults: True] [RetainDeletedItemsUntilBackup: False] to help you , i have created a function for powershell that does it job: function ConvertTo-ExchangeOutputCollection ([String] $inputText = @(throw "Error No Input Text supplied")) { $returnCollection = @{} $keypairCollection = $inputText.Split("`n") foreach ($keypair in $keypairCollection) { $trimmedKeyPair = $keypair.Trim().TrimStart("[").TrimEnd("]") $splitPosition = $trimmedKeyPair.IndexOf(":") $propertyName = $trimmedKeyPair.Substring(0,$splitPosition).Trim() $propteryValue [...]

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System Center Orchestrator 2012 Beta is out!

  Read all the details in Adam Hall blog Article It contains all the links you need! Downloading as we speak, looking forward to testing the new version in my test environments! I will be blogging about different parts of the orchestrator for the next few months.

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