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When we are deploying application to the user’s computers, we sometimes want to warn them about what is happening.

This is to prevent any complains about etc. “My Computer is slow”, “Do i have Virus?” or similar complains that might occur when the computer slows down while installing.

Therefore i have created this small utility. It can show a message, with a countdown, that all.

This can be used in etc. Config Mgr Setups.

for a guide of how to use it please read:



Windows XP / Vista / Server 2003 / 2008

Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework

Windows installer 3.1 (required by the msi installer)

Command line:

AutoInstallWarning.exe “Windows Title” “Message” “timeout in seconds”


“C:\Program Files\Coretech\AutoInstallWarning\AutoInstallWarning.exe” “Office 2007 Installation” “Internal IT is deploying Office 2007, it might take approx. 30 minutes” 30

Remember all string arguments, must have quotes around them if they contain space.

The last argument is an integer, therefore it does not need quotes.



This xml file contain all application settings


<setting name="WindowTitle" serializeAs="String">
                <value>Installation is about to begin</value>
            <setting name="BannerLocation" serializeAs="String">
            <setting name="CountDownTitle" serializeAs="String">
                <value>Closing in...</value>

Setting Description
WindowTitle The title for the window, this is not usually shown because it is set from the command line. But sometimes i could be shown for a short while (0-1 second)
BannerLocation Here you can change the name of the banner image file
CountDownTitle The label for the countdown can be changed here.


This is the banner file, by default it is a coretech banner.

Change it to whatever you like.



The main application file


MSI Installer for the application.

Notice that the file are placed externally, this gives you the opportunity to change the baner, or settings, and keeåp using the same msi installer.

It is important that ALL files is placed in the same directory as the MSI file, for it to work



Errorcode Description
0 Application successfully completed
1 More or less arguments that the 3 required.
2 Argument 3 (timeout i second), can not be converted to an integer. Check



Size: Must be 300×100 for the banner to show correctly, smaller or larger can be used also though, but they will not be resized.

Name: banner.jpg, by default. This name can be changed in the config file