System Center Orchestrator 2012 Beta: Where is the Runbook server log files?

  In opalis the Log files for the action server was placed in "\opalis software\opalis integration server\action server\logs"  read more about it here the opalis action server folder does still exist in Scorch 2012 Beta, but it does not contain a logs folder!   Where is the log file then? It has been moved to a standard location in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft System Center Orchestrator\OpalisActionService\Logs here you will find all the info about the action service (runbook servers).

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System Center Orchestrator 2012 Beta: Creating an overview of RunBooks using Orchestrator Web Service and PowerPivot For Excel

In my opinion, one of the greatest improvements in Orchestrator compared to Opalis is the extended web service. Opalis did have a web service too, but the Orchestrator service has a more functionality. One way to utilize this new web service is by using PowerPivot for Excel. PowerPivot for Excel is an addon developed and published by Microsoft. You can read more and download a trial here using PowerPivot for excel , it is possible to connect to all different types of data sources and create real-time reports. It is really easy to do, specially with a web service like [...]

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System Center Orchestrator 2012 Beta: Using Run .Net Script Activity – PowerShell: Inputting and Returning Data

[download id="50"] This article describes how to use the Run .Net Activity to run PowerShell Scripts. I have created an example runbook which does the following: Start once every minute. Read a text file containing a list of sites/servers. Parse the list to PowerShell script. PowerShell script tried to ping each address and get the response time. PowerShell script output formatted HTML, ready to put inside a HTML Table, containing the addresses and response time. Runbook writes a web site based on a HTML template. The result is a website, in my case it looks like this: NB! some websites/server [...]

Tool for Installing the Opalis Operator’s Console Automatically !

  Hello Everyone In the last few weeks, I have been working with Opalis, the new player in the System Center Suite. A lot of the configuration wizards/gui, and documentation have not been easy at all. Some parts of opalis is very hard to setup, and requires a lot of reading and manually changing files/downloading files etc. Especially the Opalis Operator's Console, which is a web based console for monitoring the status, or running Opalis Runbooks (Policies). This console in running on a java webserver with a lot of different jboss .jar files and other components needed. I tried to [...]

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