The Coretech shutdown tool is available in a new version.

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The new version allows you to close one or more running process(es) prior to installing another program. The updated version is perfect for those scenarios where an application (like JAVA) requires that one or more programs are closed before starting the installation. To read more about the Shutdown tool please look at these blog posts and

What is the shoutdown tool

From the beginning the utility was designed to restart or shutdown computers that have been running without a restart for more than a specified number or hours/days. We developed the tool to ensure that workstations at some point were restarted after installing software updates. Since the first release we have added:

  • Support for log off instead of shutting down
  • Replace the logo with a custom logo
  • Add a RTF document with text to be shown in the dialog
  • Add support for multiple languages

In this release we have added a few more commandlines that allows you to ask users to close one or more running processes.

How it works

  1. The user will be warned about installing a new application that requires a few running process to be closed.
  2. At this point the user can save any work and close the processes.
  3. Once the countdown reaches 0 the shutdown tool will be minimized and a new 20 second countdown begins. After that countdown, the processes will be closed and the installation begins.


Closing a single process

shutdowntool.exe /ps:”Iexplore.exe”*”Internet Explorer” /d:”We are about to install a new version of Java. Please shut down Internet Explorer to start the installation” /c


If the user clicks Minimize the countdown continues in the notification area.


Closing multiple processes

shutdowntool.exe /ps:”winword.exe”*”Microsoft Word”:”iexplorer.exe”*”Internet Explorer” /d:”We are installing a new CRM version, please shut down Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook” /c


The lead developer for this tool is Claus Codam.