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Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1996, MCSE, TS and ITP in Microsoft Windows, SQL (also Microsoft), Exchange (MS) and Microsoft Operations Manager. Senior Consultant and have recently worked as a consultant at CSC, SAS, ISS, Nokia and Scandlines.

Ready to Upgrade to SCOM 2016?

  Weehau - we got the new version of SCOM – and many companies are already thinking about the upgrade, when how and why? – First the last – A couple of new features are available like: Maintenance from the SCOM Agent Scheduled Maintenance Mode Agent for Nano Server New Agent for Linus/UNIX – Faster more robust and able to run shell scripts by itself LAMP Stack monitoring on Linux Good performance in mornitoring Network Devices Storage Spaces monitoring by Microsoft Native MP MP Tuning, Updates and Recommended MP in the Console A MP for AWS which are able to [...]

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SQL Error in SCOM 2016 TP5

I did a pretty clean installation and stumbled on the following Alert in SCOM 2016 TP5: Database connectivity is lost, with details: The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘sp_help_jobactivity, database ‘msdn’, schema ‘dbo’ The following SQL did the fix: (Data Writer Account) use msdb go Grant Execute ON OBJECT::[dbo].[sp_help_jobactivity] To [HQ\OMDWWrite] See you

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December 3rd – SQL Stored Procedure in a SCOM Widget

Download Stored Procedure: [download id="270" format="1"] Download Web Site: [download id="269" format="1"] If you already knows about the Widgets in SCOM you have perhaps thought about how to execute a stored procedure against a SQL server directly from your console. However – I have used the following use-cases a couple of times before and used it for presenting different information. In this Use-case its about creating a widget which is able to show the current performance on the SQL Server database disk for your SCOM implementation (Web Browser Widget): First of all – why produce and present this information. Often when [...]

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The Hidden SCOM Command (Or how to enable Proxy on all future Agents in SCOM)

In the last many years I have read a lot of blogs of how to change default values in the SCOM Management Group, and everytime I see one I put a bow on my finger to remember to create a blog of how to change the default value of eg. the Proxy setting. First of all begin by starting your Operations Manager Shell and type the following nice oneliner: add-pssnapin "Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Client"; new-managementGroupConnection –ConnectionString:[Your SCOM Server FQDN]; set-location "OperationsManagerMonitoring::" When you get your “Are you Ready!” –> naaa its actually some information about your connection to your SCOM Server. Then try [...]

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Great SQL Dashboard in SCOM (does not work for the mob)

I did for sure participate in the very nice but early presentation of the new SQL Dashboards (SQL MP at Ignite 2015. And the Dashboards really looks great, so it’s a pleasure that they also have enabled the possibibility of using the new presentation as a Widget so you yourself are able to build a dashboard like the following: Just go ahead and create a Dashboard with Widgets – you are able to present any class in a nice way. But be careful not to brag to much to you organization, because when you let your Operators try it [...]

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OMS – Bringing SCOM to the next level

Atlanta, Advisor, Operarational Insights, OpsInsights, OMS or Microsoft Operations Management Suite is the story of a product which have undergoing a stuble path to be the product as it is today. During Ignite at Chicago Microsoft released the newest preview of OMS which in the future will be the primarely interface to monitoring your infrastructure – no matter if your are doing on-prem or Azure monitoring of your IT Services. OMG OMS OMS is a Cloud Service that are able to recieve data from your individual servers or your System Center Operations Manager installation, where the SCOM MS server are [...]

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Group Creation Tool for Operations Manager

  Most people have a love hate relationship with Groups in in Operations Manager, you cannot really avoid them but there are some catches when you begin to work with them but let me explain in short. A group is a collection of objects. They can be instances of the same class or of different classes. Groups have population criteria that define what objects are added to them. This can be a dynamic criteria that adds objects as they are discovered or explicit criteria where you manually add specific objects to the group. Groups are used to scope overrides, views, [...]

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NIC 2015 SCOM in the perfect world (Slides)

Thank you all for participating on my sessions about the right way to a implementation with SCOM. Remember that I have a lot of scripts in my slides – so look into them – If you would like the MFI NIC 2015 MP let me know and I will mail it to you. The HW I used was a Ubiquity MFI EU mPower with 3 outlets. Have a great conference Kåre Download Powerpoint Click on me to download

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Grey Agents in SCOM

If you still have those old Windows 2003 and 2008 pre R2 servers around, and you have a SCOM Agent on those, it could be - they are all in a grey state. One reason could be the Advisor/OpsInsights Connector - Currently the Advisor Intelligence MPs are running PS scripts against Windows without PS. Fix: Override the Healthservice with a disable for those servers in a grey state (2003/2008) More info: See you

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Unexpected Shutdown Managementpack

Earlier this year I was talking with a customer about Windows servers which unexpectedly shutdown and how to collect info and be able to see a pattern of the crashes. My very good friend Urban Österberg did a great job in doing a great management pack that save crash info and collect the info if the severs are doing an unexpected shutdown/crash. The Management Pack contain one Rule, which is using a script and registry to check and save information about the shutdown. The rule are enabled by default, please override it if you only want to check specific servers. [...]

Measure Mail/SMTP Round Time from SCOM

Have you ever thought about how to measure the actual SMTP/Mail round time on your Mail installation? And have you tried to configure the Exchange MP for external mail bounce without any luck? Its differcult… The solution we did for a customer was first of all to ensure the customer have Exchange on-prem, next develop a .exe file which sends a mail to [email protected] – recieve the ndr and measure the round time. The file SMTPRoundTrip.exe needs the following parameters: Your Exchange server, Your Exchange server version, Mailbox, Timeout My sample: sServer = "ctex01.coretech.intra" sVersion = "2013" sMailbox = "[email protected]" [...]

SCOM 2012 R2 Crossplatform UI Error

Symptom If you have patched/updated your SCOM 2012 R2 environment and are getting the UI Error below – typically when trying to create new Linux Monitors/Rules or one of the Linux/Unix Syntethic Transactions.     Resolution Upgrade your Linux/Unix management packs. Download the new Linux/Unix MPs from> Import the following management packs: And of cause your MPs for the Linux/Unix built you need. Try to create the Linux script monitor again…  And now it Works…. Have a great day

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SCOM Boot Camp

New training for SCOM – a 5 days SCOM boot Camp with the best from Mastering + Advanced SCOM + Authoring Management Packs. This training is for both the expirienced SCOM Administrator or if you are new to SCOM – But be adviced – we are doing a lot of SCOM Labs during the week. And you will learn all aspect of scom both designing, installing, configuring, visualizing and Authoring. Right now we have 2 dates scheduled: In Phoenix on the 13. – 17. october 2014 (!lab=System_Center_2012_Operations_Manager_R2_Accelerated) In Zürich on the 3. – 7. november 2014 (   And you [...]

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Have you ABBA as a Topology view in SCOM?

Or how to remove a picture used as background in SCOM Have you tried the new widgets in SCOM 2012 R2 UR2 – they are really great – it really delivers good possibilities of visualizing your IT Services and presenting information to the right people in your organization. One small thing – if you have used a picture in your Topology Widget – You cannot get rid of it. Therefore, you could be stuck with baggrounds like this: Ooohhh no – why did I import this picture as a my background – stupid me..…… Solution: Remove the ManagementPack: Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.Component.Library.Resources from [...]

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Execute permission error in SCOM when running Localsystem

I have seen this error a couple of times at different customers. Please always remember to implement a Service Account for both your Data and Config Services. If you are having more than one Management Server and are still running Localsystem, your Report service could give you errors whenever you try to choose a Group in the drop-down field. Another symptom are if you choose a Server and click a report it will not bring the computer fqdn to the report.   From SCOM 2012 SP1/R2 your could change the Service Account pretty easy, – Remember to add the user [...]

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SCOM 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014

**** This is not supported by Microsoft and should only be done in a Test Environment **** *** Not even in the staging environment – Please *** Some customers have asked me about the gain for using SQL 2014 in the SCOM environment – And I did some fast tests – In my test envronment (7 servers, NLB, 2 MS, 2 Web/Report) which shows that out-of-the-box it will actually be faster just to upgrade to SQL 2014. And both an Upgrade and New Install does work with SCOM 2012 R2. Configuration: Virtual Machine: 4 gb memory VHD on SSD drive [...]

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Presenting your IT Services to the right Audience

I am doing a 3 hours session in Stockholm about Presenting/Visualizing IT Services to the organization or your Customers. Sign up and participate – @Labcenter will give a beer while I give you enough knowledge to make great dashboards… We will touch stuff like: Widgets, Powershell, the SDK, Reports, Visio, SLA, SLO. Sign up: See you

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Find OpenSSL files with SCOM (Heartbleed)

OpenSSL for Windows are two DLL files which could be installed on some of your windows servers. The two files are: libssl32.dll or libssl64.dll and I am not saying these should be removed – but perhaps updated.   Powershell Script You could find the two files either by a powershell script like this one: – Start the script like : FindFile.ps1 libssl32.dll, libssl64.dkk and it will create an event for every finle found. 1: Param([String[]] $FileName) 2:   3: $api = new-object -comObject 'MOM.ScriptAPI' 4:   5: $Drives = Get-psdrive -psprovider "FileSystem" | select name 6: ForEach ($File in $FileName) [...]

Upgrading to SCOM 2012 R2

Over the past months I have collected a number of “pitfalls” when upgrading to R2 – please be sure to have a backup before you start and check the following before you begin upgrading to SCOM 2012 R2 Installation Account must be a member of the local administrators group on: a. SQL Server (both in cluster or always-on) b. Management Servers c. Reporting Servers Install Account must be a member of the Sysadmin role on the SQL Server On the SQL Server the Modal Database must not be more than 100 MB The Operationsmanager database must have 50% free space [...]

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Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2014

Conference done = everybody’s happy about hopefully new and good knowledge – I did two sessions – One called Be a Hero another one called Create a ScomBot in Azure – Unfortunately they didnt record them – But I have attached both Slideshows to this blog. Agenda for Be a Hero: Introduction to Services Ready Steady – GO! Present SLO and SLA in a Dashboard Bottlenecks – SCOM Performance Whats New in R2 Use cases Agenda for Crete a SCOMBot for Windows Azure Automating everything Internal SCOM Monitoring Real world sample Using and Monitoring Azure Global Service Monitoring Visual Studio [...]

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Visualization – Put SLA on a Group

A group in SCOM contains anything: Servers, websites, databases and/or network devices. Normally you are using the group to do views, overrides, disables or as base for notification. But a nice feature is to visualize this Group objects in a way where you are able to do a Rollup of all the objects in the group to present it in the new Coretech Dashboard or give it an SLA. To present the group follow this step-by-step blog.   Logon to the SCOM Server and start the SCOM Console Click Authoring Right click Groups and create a new group called “Grp.All [...]

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See overrides for a period

Ever wondered the best way to see which overrides created in your Management Group the last 7 days? This solution is pretty easy: 1. Click My Workspace 2. RightClick and click New.Overrides Summary View 3. Add conditions and give it a name 4. Here you go – Overrides for the last week:   Have a great december and remember to download our new Dashboard… Kåre

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