Conference done = everybody’s happy about hopefully new and good knowledge – I did two sessions – One called Be a Hero another one called Create a ScomBot in Azure – Unfortunately they didnt record them – But I have attached both Slideshows to this blog.

Agenda for Be a Hero:

  • Introduction to Services
  • Ready Steady – GO!
  • Present SLO and SLA in a Dashboard
  • Bottlenecks – SCOM Performance
  • Whats New in R2
  • Use cases

Agenda for Crete a SCOMBot for Windows Azure

  • Automating everything
  • Internal SCOM
  • Monitoring Real world sample
  • Using and Monitoring Azure
  • Global Service Monitoring
  • Visual Studio Web Test
  • Advisor


I will do a blog about some of the other tools later this month.

Link to Be A Hero Download Slides

Link to Create a SCOMBot for Windows Azure Download Slides