Find OpenSSL files with SCOM (Heartbleed)

OpenSSL for Windows are two DLL files which could be installed on some of your windows servers. The two files are: libssl32.dll or libssl64.dll and I am not saying these should be removed – but perhaps updated.


Powershell Script

You could find the two files either by a powershell script like this one: – Start the script like : FindFile.ps1 libssl32.dll, libssl64.dkk and it will create an event for every finle found.

VBS Script

Same script done with a VBS script:

Management Pack

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Kåre Rude Andersen
Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1996, MCSE, TS and ITP in Microsoft Windows, SQL (also Microsoft), Exchange (MS) and Microsoft Operations Manager. Senior Consultant and have recently worked as a consultant at CSC, SAS, ISS, Nokia and Scandlines.


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