Ready to Upgrade to SCOM 2016?


Weehau – we got the new version of SCOM – and many companies are already thinking about the upgrade, when how and why? – First the last – A couple of new features are available like:

  • Maintenance from the SCOM Agent
  • Scheduled Maintenance Mode
  • Agent for Nano Server
  • New Agent for Linus/UNIX – Faster more robust and able to run shell scripts by itself
  • LAMP Stack monitoring on Linux
  • Good performance in mornitoring Network Devices
  • Storage Spaces monitoring by Microsoft Native MP
  • MP Tuning, Updates and Recommended MP in the Console
  • A MP for AWS which are able to check your Linux and Windows running in AWS, as well as EC2, EBS, ELB Cloudformation Stacks and Auto Scaling Groups.
  • So look into your AWS as you are using Azure MP for keeping an eye on your Azure.
  • Maintenance mode – which could be scheduled and targeted to your groups or objects. (will it work in UR1 = YES)
  • New Web Console (HTML5) – Now after 15 years of SCOM we have a Web console which are able to startup faster than ordering and eating a Pizza.

Before you do the upgrade please check the following:

  • Install Account must be a member of the local administrators group on both the:
  • – SQL Server (both cluster or always-on scenarios)
  • – Management Servers
  • – Reporting Servers
  • Install Account must be a member of the Sysadmin role on the SQL Server
  • On the SQL Server the Modal Database must not be more than 100 MB
  • The OperationsManager database must have 50% free space
  • The OperationsManager database must be able to extend in size – not fixed
  • The Action and the SDKConfig accounts needs to be members of the local administrators group on all of The Management Servers.
  • Collation on SQL: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  • SQL Server Agent must be running and “automatic” startup
  • Upgrade from a CMD running in a uplifted administrator context
  • Be 110% sure the Service Broker is enabled and running for the SQL server
  • Upgrade your SCOM 2012 R2 to at least UR9
  • Download and install the Upgrade Helper MP for SCOM 2012 R2 to 2016
  • Upgrade a Management Server to 2016
  • Upgrade your Agents to 2016
  • Upgrade the RMS to SCOM 2016
  • Does it work = Yes – Continue, No = Stop and restore.
  • Upgrade your SQL to 2014 = Fast!!! , 2016 when official supported
  • Wait >1 hour before upgrading to SCOM 2016 UR1
  • Get a beer and enjoy life…..

Remember to participate on some of the SCOM training – we are covering 2016 now.

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Kåre Rude Andersen
Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1996, MCSE, TS and ITP in Microsoft Windows, SQL (also Microsoft), Exchange (MS) and Microsoft Operations Manager. Senior Consultant and have recently worked as a consultant at CSC, SAS, ISS, Nokia and Scandlines.

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