**** This is not supported by Microsoft and should only be done in a Test Environment ****

*** Not even in the staging environment – Please ***

Some customers have asked me about the gain for using SQL 2014 in the SCOM environment – And I did some fast tests – In my test envronment (7 servers, NLB, 2 MS, 2 Web/Report) which shows that out-of-the-box it will actually be faster just to upgrade to SQL 2014. And both an Upgrade and New Install does work with SCOM 2012 R2.


  • Virtual Machine:
  • 4 gb memory
  • VHD on SSD drive

I have done some SQL scripting I use for performance testing – which return the average wait for the individual database:

Before the upgrade – SQL 2012:



After the Upgrade – SQL 2014:



I really tried to provoke it in 2014 – And its looks very stable the Operations Manager Console and the new Widgets seams to work a bit faster but Reporting are the same.

Please wait until Microsoft Supports SQL 2014 which will be in the next Update Release in a month.

Have a great day