Measure Mail/SMTP Round Time from SCOM

Have you ever thought about how to measure the actual SMTP/Mail round time on your Mail installation? And have you tried to configure the Exchange MP for external mail bounce without any luck?

Its differcult…

The solution we did for a customer was first of all to ensure the customer have Exchange on-prem, next develop a .exe file which sends a mail to – recieve the ndr and measure the round time.

The file SMTPRoundTrip.exe needs the following parameters:

Your Exchange server, Your Exchange server version, Mailbox, Timeout

My sample:

sServer = “ctex01.coretech.intra”
sVersion = “2013”
sMailbox = “”
sTimeout = “30”

If you would like to collect the return milliseconds please run a script to collect the return code like: (I know – not PS)

Nice use-case Download and try it

Ho Ho Ho – have a great Christmas

Download SMTPRoundTime

See you

Santa Kåre

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