I did for sure participate in the very nice but early presentation of the new SQL Dashboards (SQL MP at Ignite 2015. And the Dashboards really looks great, so it’s a pleasure that they also have enabled the possibibility of using the new presentation as a Widget so you yourself are able to build a dashboard like the following:


Just go ahead and create a Dashboard with Widgets – you are able to present any class in a nice way. But be careful not to brag to much to you organization, because when you let your Operators try it – it doesn’t work. You need to be member of the Administrator Role in SCOM, its not enough to add permissions to the O/S nor use the Roles: Operators or Advanced Operators. Nope Administrator you must be Smile

If any of you found another workaround please share – I am thinking – perhaps some .DLL rights etc…

But until Microsoft deliver a new fixed MP, just use it for yourself (you – Master of the SCOM Universe)