SCO 2012: PS Function for parsing the result of the “Run Exchange Management Shell Cmdlet” Activity

  If you are using the Exchange Admin Integration Pack. You might have tried to use the run exchange shell cmdlet" activity and disocvered that the result is kind special in formatting.   Your result will look similar to this: [PSComputerName:] [RunspaceId: f30b4063-2b50-4609-9f84-91a480ac4bea] [Database: Mailbox Database 1872261918] [UseDatabaseRetentionDefaults: True] [RetainDeletedItemsUntilBackup: False] to help you , i have created a function for powershell that does it job: [crayon-5bcfb113b1af9243663278/]   use the function as shown here: [crayon-5bcfb113b1b0c668415848/]   The function created a key/pair collection containing all parts of the result, you then use the standard dot or [] syntax to get [...]

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SCO 2012: Videos from NIC 2013 is online!

  System Center Orchestrator 2012 – Self service with Service manager The future is self-service! You see it everywhere, but now it has arrived for IT. In this session Jakob will show you how to utilize the new Self-service portal in Service Manager 2012, combined with System Center Orchestrator 2012 to make a fully automated environment with a great user interface, in a simple way!   (sorry embedding was not allowed) System Center Orchestrator 2012 – Runbook Design for Service manager In this session we will dive into tips and tricks in designing production runbooks for Service Manager. Learn [...]

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Slides & Runbooks from NIC 2013

  We had a great time at NIC 2013. You can download my slides and examples below. System Center Operations Manager 2012 - OpsMgr New Tools and Fun Stuff System Center Orchestrator 2012 - Runbook Design for Service manager System Center Orchestrator 2012 - Self service with Service manager   Coming soon: Coretech Survailance Widget Example (Source and management pack)

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Powershell to change Resolution State in Operations Manager 2012

A powershell sample used at a customer for semi-automatically changing the Resolution States: [crayon-5bcfb113b2c8a707332045/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2c9a580547759/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2c9f321917322/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2ca4507946619/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2ca9856654393/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cae356267244/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cb2772872384/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cb7468560295/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cbc718139791/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cc0002518890/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cc5987930781/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cca202136461/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2ccf269668639/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cd3380065808/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cd8369125669/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cdd425171789/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2ce1597779296/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2ce6703815836/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2ceb640292126/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cef767150412/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cf4964831261/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cf8691936615/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2cfd213717624/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d02941261163/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d06813529773/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d0b878295707/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d10480481547/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d14820021435/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d19836114338/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d1e100922665/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d22680625135/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d27462673366/] [crayon-5bcfb113b2d2c557595108/] And have a great Day Kåre

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SCO 2012 – SCOM 2012: Best Practice – Monitor alert and restart a service

I know that SCOM can restart the service automatically, it can even run scripts to check if it was OK. but in some cases, especially when the service need a complex check before the service is marked OK, you might want to use Orchestrator   Luckily the Monitor Alert is easy to use and it has all data from the alert, that we can utilize to restart the correct service. I have created a runbook for this specific task.   The runbook is setup the following way: 1. Monitor Alert: This activity is setup to monitor one or [...]

Scorch 2012 RC: It is out! Go get your copy today!

  Today Microsoft release alot of new versions of System Center software: Available System Center 2012 Products: System Center 2012 Configuration Manager RC provides comprehensive configuration management for the Microsoft platform that can help you empower users with the devices and applications they need to be productive while maintaining corporate compliance and control. System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection RC, built on System Center Configuration Manager, provides industry-leading threat detection of malware and exploits as part of a unified infrastructure for managing client security and compliance that can help you simplify and improve endpoint protection. System Center Operations Manager 2012 Beta [...]

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Hooray for me! I got my prize from the CEP Contest

  I couple of months ago, Microsoft held a System Center Orchestrator Community Evaluation Program, during this program, a contest was announced. Points was awarded for tweets, re-tweets, blogs and video blogs. Each month the person with the highest number of point, won a trolley from Ogio I was so luck to be the Winner of August! Thank you! I won because of my 4 posts about System Center Orchestrator. I really intended to do more that month, but I got caught up in work.   but today I received this nice prize:   Perfect for my travels, when I [...]

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