One trick that I always recommended for everyone who is designing Orchestrator runbooks, is to name their Connections properly.

If you have 2 environments, one test and one production, the easiest way to transfer runbooks is the name the connection configurations in the 2 environments exactly the same name.

but in some cases this is not possible to have them named the same.

One scenario could be when transferring from one customer to another.


Luckily it is easy to fix!

Since all exports are XML files, you can change the name of the connections in a couple of easy steps.

  1. Using the Runbook designer, export the runbook or folder to an ois_export file.
  2. Open the file in text editor or in XML notepad (get xml notepad
  3. Search for <Connection datatype="string">SCSM</Connection> (replace SCSM with your connection name)
  4. Replace any instances of the connection name by the new connection name.

That’s it! Smile