Today i had this weird problem.


The Review activities i created from my orchestrator runbook, did not work!

I was able to approve, but they never completed!

But this was only the case when approving from the portal. It worked as expected from the console!


After some research i managed to find the problem:

Approval Condition was NULL!

This means that the Review activity will never complete.


So why did it work from the console?

Well you see, the default dropdown value for the “approval condition” is unanimous! and therefore, whenever i opened it in the consoel and saved it by clicking OK, the value was added to the activity!




This means that whenever you create a review activity dynamically , you need to specify the approval condition property.

In Orchestrator this property is a optional property (the reason why i had not filled it)




Ofcause you can set it to percentage and set a percentage too!



Merry x-mas and happy automating!


(I wish i could automate my x-mas present shopping!… well maybe next year!)