In Service Manager we only have one view for User and Group configuration items, and many (including me) want to have views that separate users from groups, external users from Active Directory users and so on. This solution will add six additional views for user and group configuration items.

Active Directory Groups
Active Directory Users
External Users
Service Manager Internal Users
Users with Active Incidents
Users with Active Service Requests

The solution consist of two management packs, and Coretech.ConfigurationItems.Users.Views.xml.

Install steps

  1. Import the management pack into Service Manager
  2. Edit the management pack Coretech.ConfigurationItems.Users.Views and replace <Value>Domain</Value> on line 347 with your internal domain name.
  3. Save and import the management pack Coretech.ConfigurationItems.Users.Views.xml into Service Manager.
  4. Restart the Service Manager Console

You should now have a folder in the Configuration Items area called Users (Advanced) with the six new views.