This monday I published the article about a runbook using PowerShell to generate HTML Data.

Read it here:

In this article I will expand it a little, so that it also contains a Data/Time Stamp for when the data was updated.

So how do we do it?

  • Create the runbook, following the guide from the other article, or import the downloadable version.
  • Double click the “Write Web Page” Activity.
  • In the Text field add the following text below the “{HTML Output from “Run .Net Script”}” tag:

<tr><td colspan=2> Last Updated: </td> </tr>

  • this will add a new row to the table containing one cell that spans both columns.
  • in the space are “Last Updated: “, before the </td>. Right Click and select Subscribe -> Returned Data


  • You will see this window:


  • as you can see, we only have a few properties available, but we need the date/time for when the activity was started.
  • To make this available check the box “Show Common Returned Data”
  • As you can see, a lot of other properties is shown.
  • Select the property called “Activity end time”


  • Click OK
  • Click Finish
  • Now your modification is complete.
  • Test the runbook in the testing console.
  • The outputted html file should look like this:


That’s all for today!

You can use these “Common published data” for a lot of stuff, including loop conditions and filters!

Use your imagination! 🙂