System Center Service Manager 2016 have been released for quite a while now and more and more are starting the upgrade process. As you probably know, the .NET framework has also been bumped to 4.5.1, which effectively means that all solutions made in the old .NET 3.5 Framework also needs to be upgraded. Microsoft have done their part, but all custom solutions needs to be upgraded as well as community solutions. One of those solutions is the popular Send Email  made my Travis Wright for Incident (codeplex project uploaded by Christian Booth)and later adopted to Service Requests by Patrick Sundqvist. For those using the Cireson Portal, you can get my SendEmail task here

We now have an upgraded version which support SCSM 2016. Thanks Patrick for sharing the Service Request project. You can get the version for Incident from Anders Asp very soon. Anders made some improvements to the form that I have adopted in this solution to make them similar:

    • MessageType is now required by default
    • the window is expanded a bit
    • there is a scrollbar in the Message textbox
    • Added spell check

Service Request:

Send Email 2016 Service Request – Technet Gallery


Send Email 2016 Incident – Codeplex (coming soon)

Send Email 2016  - Technet Gallery (coming soon)







Enjoy Smiley