How to use SCCM SDK in C# with a WQL Query that contains joins

Sometimes you just stop and wonder: how DO you make a WQL query with joins and use it with the SCCM SDK in C#? It’s that gnawing thought we all have right?

So after spending an hour reading through people saying: “It’s NOT supported!” and some people who said it was (without any examples whatsoever), I managed to get a small sample working.

So if any of you should come across this challenge (which is of course the most of the world), then here is a code-example on how to do it:

It’s a small console application that output all computers and their last boot time.

Example output:

Last Boot Time: 13-09-2017 10:51:00
Last Boot Time: 26-10-2017 02:34:00
Last Boot Time: 30-10-2017 13:12:00


You can read here on how to connect to the SCCM Server and other SDK code snippets. The SCCM Library I’m using has a connect method described in that article.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions

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  1. Harshal December 10, 2017 at 3:58 - Reply

    Great blog. Thanks for the info.
    I not a developer but an SCCM engineer and would like to use SDK. But can’t find good document on how to start for beginner. Some write up would be helpful.


  2. Skip April 27, 2018 at 19:42 - Reply

    Thank you sir, for your service in making this world a better place by finally providing an answer to this age old question. Now, I just have to digest it and follow your leads to figure out how to get my SCCM needs met.

    Seriously, thanks. It does help me out.

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