All newly enrolled devices are enrolled as Personal Devices by default in Configuration Manager and we cant change the default behavior. If the Device Ownership is Company, then we can inventory all the installed applications and we can also do mandatory installations. If the Device Ownership is Personal, then we can inventory only applications that are installed through Company Portal.


If your company policy is that all the devices must be company-owned, then you can use this script to query a specific collection devices and it will set the Device Ownership to Company.

Import-Module $env:SMS_ADMIN_UI_PATH.Replace("\bin\i386","\bin\configurationmanager.psd1")

$SiteCode = Get-PSDrive -PSProvider CMSITE
Set-Location "$($SiteCode.Name):\"

$CollectionName = 'All Coretech Surface RT'
$OwnershipType = 'Company'
$Devices = Get-CMDevice -CollectionName $CollectionName
foreach($item in $Devices){
    Write-Output -InputObject "Device Name: $($Devices.Name)"
    Set-CMDeviceOwnership -OwnershipType $OwnershipType -DeviceId $item.ResourceID