I know it – Orchestrator is the tool everyone should use to export/Import Alerts from Operations Manager 2012 SDK and of course there is a reason of why Microsoft does not deliver a connector as they did with 2007. Last week one of my customers ask about a solution they could use until they build enough confidence and knowledge about Orchestrator to let it be the conductor.


So back to the solution, my very skilled colleague Jakob Svendsen has done a great job about developing a connector with both two way communication and with configuration possibilities. This connector will work fine with other Monitoring systems, as well as your HelpDesk system; Remedy, Servicenow etc.


1) Start by downloading the connector from Jakobs website: https://blog.ctglobalservices.com/jgs/scom2012-coretech-xml-connector-beta-1/

2) Next, create a Resolution state below Administration, Settings and Alert – could be an: 100 - Export to XML

3) Change the file: SCOMXMLConnectorService.exe.config


3) Change some of your Alerts to the just created Resolution State

4) Try to update the .xml file exported, you can only update the following fields: Status, CustomField 1..10, Owner and Resolution State.

5) Change the AlertFilterQuery to ResolutionState = 100


6) To mark the Alert as one who needs to be updated, please update the field: Status.

7) Check to see the two-way communication from xml to SCOM 2012

Thanks to Ted from 3M for the good inspiration and Jakob for just doing it

May your Monitoring be with you and remember this is in Beta. Return with errors to either jgs@coretech.dk or kra@coretech.dk