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This is a beta version! Please report any errors to jgs@coretech.dk

This connector is used together with SCOM 2012. It is a windows service.

Every minute it looks into the working to find any files that has been changed since last run, if any file is changed, the info about the alert will be imported.

After the import, all alerts are exported to xml files, overwriting all files in the working folder.

This can be used to export data about alerts to 3rd party system, or to update alerts inside SCOM 2012 from a 3rd party system.


1. Run setup.exe

2. Go to install directory and edit SCOMXMLConnectorService.exe.config

3. Change SCOMServer Setting to your environment

<setting name="SCOMServer" serializeAs="String">



4. Create local working folder C:\Temp\SCOM (or change the setting, see below)

5. Optionally Change any other settings

Setting Default Value Description
AlertFilterQuery Name LIKE ‘%’ Filter query that decides which alerts to export. By default all alerts will be exported

Read more about the query syntax here:



IntervalInSecs 60 Interval in seconds of when to import/export
FolderPath C:\temp\SCOM\ Working folder! This folder must exist otherwise the service will fail


More about the usage of this XML: