Azure Automation: New Features announced!

Today at the PowerShell summit in Stockholm,  Joe Levy and Anatoli Beliaev of Microsoft announced a bunch of new features that is publicly available in Azure Automation! Unfortunately I was not able to be there in person, but luckily multiple people tweeted about this stuff! (Thanks @vNiklas + @skillriver + more!! ) Some of the features is what I have demoed at multiple session within the last month. (SCU + User groups). Here is the list: Gallery Support Gallery has been expanded and has a nice button for it the gallery now also includes powershell scripts. PowerShell Script Runbooks Use [...]

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Cloud App discovery

A new feature in AD premium allows you to gather information about existing SaaS applications in your environment. The feature is called Cloud App Discovery and is part of your AD premium subscription. Here are the steps you need to take in order to get it working. Additional information can be found at Microsoft Technet   In your favorite browser navigate to and click Get Started From the Cloud App Discovery pane click Create Click Settings, Management Agent and click Download – this will download the agent. The agent can be deployed thru Configuration Manager or any other SW [...]

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Azure Automation: Using Azure Scheduler to trigger a runbook via Runbook Webhooks

One of the great new features of Azure Automation is the Web hooks, which can be added to runbooks. A web hook is a way for an external system to trigger the runbook with specific input values. You can read more about how to trigger web hooks here:   This article describes how easy it is to use the Azure Scheduler to actually trigger the runbook. There is already a scheduler built in, but there can be reasons that one would use Azure Scheduler instead   Azure Automation scheduler is not very advanced so far, it can only trigger [...]

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Azure Automation: New features including graphical designer and Hybrid Workers goes live!

Today at Ignite, Microsoft announced the next version of the portal for Azure Automation. This portal is part of the new Azure Portal, and you can try it out right away!! It has some great features in the interface and It enables proper Hybrid Cloud Automation! Execute Azure Automation runbook on-premise and trigger them from on-prem solutions!   Can I get a Woohoo!?   In this article, I will explain each feature in details New Graphical Runbook Designer interface (similar to the classic Orchestrator runbook designer) Hybrid Worker Role!! Web Hooks New portal design with better overview over runbooks, Assets etc. [...]

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Azure RMS PowerShell cmdlets

Here are the Azure RMS PowerShell cmdlets excel sheet. There are totally 44 cmdlets in AADRM Module. You can download the Azure Rights Management Administration Tool from here You can download this excel sheet from here [download id="249"]

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Save money by using Azure Automation to deallocate VMs.

I have four Azure VMs running during normal business hours. All machines are Type A2 (2 CORES / 3.5 GB RAM) and cost $0.154/hr per VM. I start them in the morning at 8PM and deallocate them at 5PM when I leave the office. At least once a month I forget to deallocate. They then run unused until next morning (15 Hours). Apparently, I love Microsoft so much that I enjoy giving them my money. But mark my words. I will no longer pay for services that I don’t use….. Calculation Wasted hours Azure Price No. of VMs No. of [...]

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Azure: Microsoft Azure Automation – Its Free!

Last week, Microsoft announced a great new addition to Microsoft Azure, called “Microsoft Azure Automation”. In short, it is the “Service Management Automation” from Windows Azure Pack in Microsoft Azure! This means you can run PowerShell in Azure, without having to worry about servers to execute the code (Runbook Workers). It is all handled by Microsoft Azure.   Another cool thing is that it is FREE! Here is the current price list from Microsoft:   As you can see, both of the editions are Free within the Preview period, but actually the “FREE” version (marked by the red rectangle) will [...]

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