One of the great new features of Azure Automation is the Web hooks, which can be added to runbooks.

A web hook is a way for an external system to trigger the runbook with specific input values.

You can read more about how to trigger web hooks here:


This article describes how easy it is to use the Azure Scheduler to actually trigger the runbook.

There is already a scheduler built in, but there can be reasons that one would use Azure Scheduler instead


  • Azure Automation scheduler is not very advanced so far, it can only trigger pr hours, not minutes.
  • Customer might want to schedule more than runbooks and have the schedules in a central place
  • and more


Luckily it is very simple to trigger a runbook via the web hook in Azure Scheduler:


1.  Navigate to the runbook in Azure

2.  Create Web hook on runbook

image ´

3.  Give the web hook a name and copy the URL


4.  Save the URL for later use

5. Setup Input parameters if you want to

6. Go to Azure Scheduler

7. Create a new Azure Scheduler Job


8. Select Location and Job Collection (create new job collection if you have none)


9. Give the job a name and select “POST” and HTTPS

10. Paste the URI


11. Click Next

12. Select time and recurrence


13. Click OK

14. Now your runbook should trigger on the specified times