Today at the PowerShell summit in Stockholm,  Joe Levy and Anatoli Beliaev of Microsoft announced a bunch of new features that is publicly available in Azure Automation!

Unfortunately I was not able to be there in person, but luckily multiple people tweeted about this stuff! (Thanks @vNiklas + @skillriver + more!! )

Some of the features is what I have demoed at multiple session within the last month. (SCU + User groups).

Here is the list:

Gallery Support

Gallery has been expanded and has a nice button for it

the gallery now also includes powershell scripts.



PowerShell Script Runbooks

Use standard powershell scripts as runbooks!

you will not get the nice workflow suspend/resume features

but you will have a faster job startup time and you can upload your existing scripts!

Running PowerShell Script runbooks on hybrid worker is on the way!

Read more:

PowerShell ISE Add-on for Azure Automation

the ISE Add-on has been there for a while in beta, but is now announced publicly

Get it here:

New in Hybrid Worker

Support for Testing Jobs

Deploy Hybrid worker on a Operations Manager connected agent

Schedule support

New in Graphical Authoring

Choosing assets as input to activity parameter


Support for choosing a runbook input as an input to runbook parameter


Activity based tracing for easier debugging


Import / Export Graphical Runbooks!

Azure Automation DSC



Now in public preview!

New GUI elements and configuration tasks

Add Azure VM



View Status reports of each node in detail


View details of each report


View configurations and the sections included in each


Portal Enhancements

View Job Source + Changes in the GUI to make it easier to understand


Additional region support (South Central US)


The Azure ARM cmdlets are now released!

this means you can run both ASM and ARM cmdlets at the same time! great!

Get them at the Web PI installer


ARM C# SDK for using Azure automation

Orchestrator Migration

Support for module and standard activities from SCO to Azure Automation

Export Orchestrator runbooks and import into Azure Automation (beta)

Linux Support

Global Module available in service to manage Linux / SSH


Great new features!

Will update / post on my blog when I have more information about download locations / converter etc.

Have fun!