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December 17th: Azure AD Connect – Step by Step (Pixi Book Style)

A Coretech Christmas Tale. Once a upon a time customers were having difficulties connecting their on-premise Active Directory to Azure AD. Throughout this post We will tell the story about "Test-users-1" and his journey from his well-known On-Premise AD ( to the exciting Cloud know as Azure. If you are a customer and wish to recreate "Test-User-1" journey. Then it can easily be done by following his steps and completing your own POC for Azure AD. ___________________ Attached to this blog are a Word Document that in details shows all steps of the proces in 6 easy steps. Create Azure [...]

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Save money by using Azure Automation to deallocate VMs.

I have four Azure VMs running during normal business hours. All machines are Type A2 (2 CORES / 3.5 GB RAM) and cost $0.154/hr per VM. I start them in the morning at 8PM and deallocate them at 5PM when I leave the office. At least once a month I forget to deallocate. They then run unused until next morning (15 Hours). Apparently, I love Microsoft so much that I enjoy giving them my money. But mark my words. I will no longer pay for services that I don’t use….. Calculation Wasted hours Azure Price No. of VMs No. of [...]

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