System Center Orchestrator 2012 Beta: Where is the Runbook server log files?

  In opalis the Log files for the action server was placed in "\opalis software\opalis integration server\action server\logs"  read more about it here the opalis action server folder does still exist in Scorch 2012 Beta, but it does not contain a logs folder!   Where is the log file then? It has been moved to a standard location in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft System Center Orchestrator\OpalisActionService\Logs here you will find all the info about the action service (runbook servers).

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WMI/ConfigMgr Scripting: CreateEmbeddedObjectInstance (.NET) or SpawnInstance (VBScript) in PowerShell

  During the development of the script I posted yesterday, I noticed that a lot of people had problem discovering how to create WMI objects in PowerShell. I found different suggestions, but they all had problems. When I have to create WMI object instances I use this this method, which I used in my old script about sharing folders here is an example: [crayon-5d11972ddbd73377966193/] using configuration manager development we have to create a lot of wmi objects. Take a look at this SDK Sample in the VBScript example we have this line: [crayon-5d11972ddbd86362184446/]   and in the C# example it [...]

Be among the first to pre-order the Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 book

I’m proud to be one of the authors behind the Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 book. The book is set to release in March 2012 and will guide the reader thru the awesome world of Configuration Manager 2012. You can expect the book to deliver solid background information about each of the features in Configuration Manager 2012 along with examples of best practices and how to make your daily life as a Configuration Manager administrator a lot easier. Pre-order the book  The Authors When you look at the my fellow authors, you will see names that are all well known [...]

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Install OS language during OSD (the easy way!) Part 1–Inject Language files

I know this can be done using MDT (Install Language Packs Offline), and even though I love the MDT integration features, I personally find it easier to do this from a run command line step during the WinPE part of my TS. First Thing you need to do is create a Package containing the Language pack files.. The different language packs should be placed in folders corresponding to the actual language code, like this for Danish and Swedish. Once the package is created (and placed on a DP), its time to add a couple of lines to the OS deployment [...]

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Updated version of the shutdown utility

The shutdown utility has been updated and the latest version can be downloaded here the usage of the tool is described in this post this post Change log for version 0.7: Fixed logo overlapping long descriptions. Fixed bug, where program would restart instead of logging off, when logoff option was choosen. Thanks for all the feedback

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Enabling Hyper-V in Windows 8 Preview

Microsofts virtualization platform Hyper-V is now included in Windows 8. The requirements are as follows: Windows 8 64 bit version At least 4 GB of ram An x64-based processor Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) Hardware-assisted virtualization: Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) or AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) technology. Hardware-enforced Data Execution Prevention (DEP): Intel XD bit (execute disable bit) or AMD NX bit (no execute bit) enanled in BIOS. Hyper-V is not enabled in Windows 8 by default. Here is how to enable it: Log on to Windows 8 and on the Metro start page, type: programs (1). Left-click on Programs and [...]

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Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtualization environment

Now that Microsoft have made Windows 8 preview availible you are properly eager giving it a test run and in the age of virtualization you are properly going to install it in a virtual machine. To save you some despair I will outline which virtualization environments that you can use to test run Windows 8 preview without to much hassle: VMWare Workstation 7.x – You can not install Windows 8 Preview on VMWare 7.x. VMWare Workstation 8.x - Windows 8 Preview installs and runs just fine in a VMWare Workstation 8.x vm Windows Virtual PC 2007/Microsoft Virtual PC – You [...]

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Todays big question, can you deploy the ConfigMgr. 2012 beta 2 client to Windows 8

The answer is YES, you can install Configuration Manager 2012 beta 2 on the newly released Windows 8 platform. After a few quick tests I have verified that: The client is installed and Software Center is available Inventory is working Application deployment is working Settings Management is working Software Updates also works. Not that I could test with any Windows 8 updates, I tested with some custom updates from SCUP 2011. Remote Tools works. OSD works. It’s awesome, who would ever have thought that X-Mas would come in September this year You can download your copy of Windows 8 here

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Windows 8 Developer Preview is ready for download

Microsoft has made Windows 8 Developer Preview availible for download. You can get the 32 and 64 bit version both with or without the developer tools, which consists of: Windows SDK for Metro style apps Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows Developer Preview Microsoft Expression Blend 5 Developer Preview 28 Metro style apps including the BUILD Conference app You can download it here: You can watch the keynote from the BUILD conference, which was solely concentrated on Windows 8:

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Looking for Configuration Manager 2012 training

Looking for Configuration Manager 2012 training? Look no further. Our Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 class has been running with great success since May 2011. We have teamed up with some of the best training providers worldwide, which is your guarantee for a high quality learning experience in modern equipped training facilities. At the moment we have scheduled two different classes, a Mastering Class with Kent Agerlund and a combo class with Kent Agerlund & Johan Arwidmark. The combo class will introduce you to the new features of ConfigMgr. 2012 with a high focus on OS deployment using ConfigMgr. 2012 & [...]

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Reuse old PC name during Standalone OSD

In the situation where you want to reinstall a PC using a Standalone media, you will have to incorporate some way of naming the PC, or it will pick up a random name like MININT-XXXXX. In a reinstallation scenario however, the PC will already have a Name assigned, and this name can quiet easily be picked up from the computers registry hive files. To do this just run this .vbs script, before formatting the disk. It will pick up the name and assign it to the OSDComputerName variable, which will automatically be added to the Unattend.xml (or sysprep.inf if XP) [...]

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