Looking for Configuration Manager 2012 training? Look no further. Our Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 class has been running with great success since May 2011. We have teamed up with some of the best training providers worldwide, which is your guarantee for a high quality learning experience in modern equipped training facilities.

At the moment we have scheduled two different classes, a Mastering Class with Kent Agerlund and a combo class with Kent Agerlund & Johan Arwidmark.

The combo class will introduce you to the new features of ConfigMgr. 2012 with a high focus on OS deployment using ConfigMgr. 2012 & MDT 2012. The 4 day Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 class will have more focus on all the main features in the product, read the class agenda for more information. Both trainings are always based on the latest Configuration Manager build and always up-to-date  in terms of labs and topics being covered.

  • Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 training with Kent Agerlund (this is a 3 or 4 days session, check the links for more information).
  • MVP Combo training, Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 & MDT 2012 with Kent Agerlund & Johan Arwidmark (this is a 5 day session).

Dates in Europe:

Combo Configuration Manager 2012 & OSD training with Johan Arwidmark & Kent Agerlund:

September 2011, 19-25 in Oslo, http://www.crayon.no/?aid=81966&cid=1#cid=1&aid=81966
October 2011, 17-21 in Oslo, http://www.crayon.no/?aid=81966&cid=1#cid=1&aid=81966
November 2011, 14-19 in Oslo, http://www.crayon.no/?aid=81966&cid=1#cid=1&aid=81966
December 2011, 5-9 in Oslo, http://www.crayon.no/?aid=81966&cid=1#cid=1&aid=81966
January 2012, 23-27 in Copenhagen, http://www.teknologisk.dk/uddannelser/k87163
February, 2012, 06-10 in Zürich, http://www.realstuff.ch/index.php?id=176&L=1
February, 2012, 13-17 in London, http://truesec.com/infrastructure/labs/deployment/migration/mvp_combo_pack_-_the_ultimate_configmgr_2012_and_mdt_2012_training
June, 2012, 5-9 in Oslo, http://www.crayon.se/Norsk/kurs/kurskatalog/Pages/default.aspx

Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 with Kent Agerlund

November 2011, 8-10 in Stockholm http://www.labcenter.se/lab/2072
October/November 2011, 31-3 in Copenhagen, http://www.teknologisk.dk/uddannelser/k87163
March 2012, 12-15 in Oslo, http://www.crayon.se/Norsk/kurs/kurskatalog/Pages/default.aspx
April, 2012, 02--04 in Zürich,
May 2012, 21-24 in Oslo, http://www.crayon.se/Norsk/kurs/kurskatalog/Pages/default.aspx
June 2012, 18-21 in Copenhagen, http://www.teknologisk.dk/uddannelser/k87163
July 2012, 2-4 in Stockholm, http://www.labcenter.se/lab/2072

Dates in US:

MVP Combo training with Johan Arwidmark & Kent Agerlund:

May 2012, 7-11 Orlando Florida, http://truesec.com/infrastructure/labs/deployment/migration/mvp_combo_pack_-_the_ultimate_configmgr_2012_and_mdt_2012_training
August 2012, 27-31 New York, http://www.truesec.com/mvp_combo_pack_-_the_ultimate_mdt_2012_and_configmgr_2012_training

Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 with Kent Agerlund

October 2011, 24-27 in Minneapolis, http://truesec.com/infrastructure/labs/deployment/migration/mastering_configmgr._2012_beta_2
December 2011, 12-15 in Atlanta, http://truesec.com/infrastructure/labs/deployment/migration/mastering_configmgr._2012_beta_2
January 2012, 16-19 in Minneapolis, http://truesec.com/infrastructure/labs/deployment/migration/mastering_configmgr._2012_beta_2
February 2012, 21-24 in Seattle, http://www.truesec.com/mastering_system_center_configuration_manager_
March 2012, 19-22 in Minneapolis, http://www.truesec.com/mastering_system_center_configuration_manager_
April 2012, 10-13 Irvine California, http://www.truesec.com/mastering_system_center_configuration_manager_
July 30-August 2, USA location TBD http://www.truesec.com/mastering_system_center_configuration_manager_

Looking for other dates or classes in a location near you? contact kea@coretech.dk

Class description:

Mastering Configuration Manager 2012

Title: Mastering Configuration Manager 2012
Duration: 3 or 4 days, check the local training provider for
Material: Student Lab Manual, Slidedeck, and lab files
Trainer: Kent Agerlund, Configuration Manager MVP
Language: English

Being able to plan, deploy and manage ConfigMgr. 2012 in your environment.

Basic understanding of Active Directory, WSUS and SQL. Basic knowledge of Configuration Manager or SMS 2003 is a really good idea. This class will take you through the installation and configuration of the main features in Configuration Manager 2012 beta 2 based on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7. After the training you will have a solid understanding off the product and be able to use and design these features:

  • Installing different site servers
  • Working with multiple sites
  • Configuring site settings
  • Migrate from Configuration Manager 2007
  • Role based security
  • Configuring, maintaining and installing clients
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting & Queries
  • Application deployment
  • Software updates
  • Settings management
  • Image deployment
  • Operating System Deployment
  • Forefront Endpoint Protection

Day 1

  • Introduction to System Center
  • Designing CM2012 hierarchies
  • Understanding the new infrastructure
  • Installing and Configuring CM2012
  • Installing site server
  • Installing and configuring site systems
  • Introduction to new UI
  • Configuring Role Based Security (RBAC)
  • Working with collections
  • Migrating from Configuration Manager 2007

Day 2

  • Working with ConfigMgr clients
  • Installing and configuring clients
  • Maintaining and remediating clients
  • Monitoring client health status
  • Inventory management
  • Working with hardware and software inventory
  • Extending hardware inventory
  • Working with asset intelligence
  • Working with queries and reports
  • Creating basic and advanced queries
  • Working with SQL reporting services
  • Working with subscriptions
  • Modifying existing reports
  • Importing and creating new reports
  • Introduction to creating custom SQL reports

Day 3

  • Content Management
  • Working with Distribution Points & Distribution Point groups
  • Prestaging content in remote officies
  • Application deployment
  • Understanding the difference between traditional software packages and Applications
  • Working with the application model
  • Working with deployment types
  • Global conditions
  • Software catalog
  • User Device Affinity
  • Software Updates
  • Creating and designing the software update infrastructure
  • Deploying Microsoft software updates
  • Monitoring the software update deployment process
  • Installing and configuring Custom Updates Publisher - SCUP 2011
  • Publish 3rd. party updates

Day 4

  • Settings Management
  • Introducing Settings Management
  • Creating and implementing baselines
  • Using settings management to remediate non-compliant computers
  • Opearing System Deployment
  • Creating the needed site systems and accounts
  • Creating boot images
  • Creating and maintaining images
  • Working with task sequences
  • Handling drivers
  • Deploying images using PXE
  • System Center Endpoint Protection
  • Installing and configuring SCEP
  • Installing SCEP clients
  • Creating and modifying SCEP policies
  • Monitoring the status