It ain’t over until the phoenix in its own right sings.

I’m giving away some of the Service Manager (and a bit of SCOM) stuff I’ve been doing over the past couple of years just sitting and collecting dust. And whatever opinion or feelings you might have about this product, there are still many customers around the world using the tool every day. So before it’s too late, I feel it be better to get it out while it’s still being used.

This first give-away is, you could say, an obligation to give to the community, because it was created to and by the community in the first place. Well it was created by Travis Wright who was in many ways the community spirit of SCSM in the beginning. He made Send Email for Incidents, and it was then later made to Service Request by Patrick Sundqvist. I have already released Service Request for 2016

Incident is a bit more tricky since it’s not upgrade compatible with the old version, so I’m a little reluctant to just release it and potentially destroy something (even though this is provided as-is of course!) – but email me if you want a side-grade version of Incident Send Email.

Here is the link to the release of Change Request working for 2016 or later. Change Request was never made before, but it has it’s usage still.

Change Request:

Send Email 2016 Change Request – Technet Gallery

Link also contains installation instructions.

The package contain the extensions, console task, and an example configuration file that sends to Created By User of the Change Request. You can change or add additional workflows to send to Assigned To User or other. As you might know then Change Request does not contain any Action Log as Service Request and Incident, so this is more a “fire and forget” email, where there is no way to check their response (on the case at least). This could be an information email to remind Created By User to fill out some more fields or similar.

Enjoy 🙂