I am a big fan of PDT

but I have been trying to install Windows Azure Pack and the complete system center using PowerShell Deployment Toolkit

Using the newest version (currently version 2.64.2611) it fails installing the Windows Azure Pack components!

Luckily i found the error:

Use a password for the installer user that follows the rules for Windows Azure Pack

  • Minimum 8 chars
  • Include at least one upper case letter and one lower case.
  • include at least one number
  • Include at least one non-alphanumeric. (In my case i was missing this! .. so added a ! to the password)


This should do the trick!



PDT will use your installer service account password as passphrase for WAP unless other is stated.

It is possible to explicitly set the passphrase by adding the line in bold below in the component of WAP i variable.xml:

<Component Name="Windows Azure Pack 2013">
  <Variable name="WindowsAzurePack2013AdminGroup" Value="CORETECH\WAP-Admins" />
  <Variable name="WindowsAzurePack2013ConfigStorePassphrase" Value="MyPass2014!" />



Happy Deployments!