New 3-day Workshop: Windows Azure Pack: Mastering Service Management Automation (SMA)

I am currently in development of my new mastering class in SMA.

Here is the detailed info and upcoming dates


Windows Azure Pack – Mastering Service Management Automation






Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen, Cloud & Data Center MVP.


MVP Profile:



Go from A to Z in Service Management Automation.

The new automation tool based on PowerShell Workflows.

Beside the introduction, architecture and installation, this workshop focuses on designing Runbooks using PowerShell Workflows in SMA.

Learn how to convert your knowledge of PowerShell scripts to PowerShell Workflows.

We will start from the beginning and progress into more advanced workflows later on.

Use parallel processing, checkpoints and other PowerShell workflow features

How to integrate to other system center products, for maintenance, monitoring or other scenarios.

Recommended; Some knowledge of PowerShell, but you do not have to be a PowerShell expert to join this workshop!

Target Group

This course is intended for Enterprise Systems Engineers, Administrators and System Integrators who wants to learn how to Automate the datacenter using Service Management Automation


Experience with Windows Server Administration

Basic understanding of Active Directory

Basic understanding of PowerShell


Knowledge of Windows Azure Pack

Experience in PowerShell


Students will learn all parts of Service Management Automation, and many different runbook designs


Lab manual.


You will touch the following subjects, and more:


  • Introduction
  • Architecture
  • Minimum SMA Environment
  • Use Cases

Runbook Introduction

  • Introduction – Runbooks
  • PowerShell Workflow
  • Running a runbook in WAP
  • Using PowerShell Modules

Runbook Design

  • Workflows vs. Scripts
  • Creating your first runbook using the WAP Portal.
  • Activities vs. InlineScript
  • Inputs (parameters)
  • Calling sub runbooks
  • Developing Runbooks in PowerShell ISE and SMA Studio.

Runbook Structure

  • Using For each
  • Sequential Processing
  • + more.

Advanced Runbook Structure

  • Using Check Points
  • Parallel Processing

Triggering runbooks

  • Trigger via Events, Schedules or PowerShell


  • Variables
  • Connections
  • Credentials
  • Certificates

Integration to Windows Azure Pack

  • Automating the Web Site Provider
  • + more

Integration to System Center

  • SCOM, SCCM, SCSM + more.
  • Integration into.
  • Monitoring.
  • Integration to SharePoint


  • Using the PowerShell administration Module
  • Importing / Exporting runbook in PowerShell
  • Registering / Unregistering Runbook Workers
  • And more


  • Creating a PowerShell Module
  • Creating a PowerShell Module with a custom connection asset type


Copenhagen, Denmark:!lab=Windows_Azure_Pack_-_Mastering_Service_Management_Automation

Stockholm, Sweden:



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About the Author:

Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen

Twitter: @JakobGSvendsen

Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen is a Microsoft Cloud and Data Center Management MVP (, Working as Global Lead Developer, Senior Consultant and Trainer at CTGlobal, where he is one of the driving forces in keeping CTGlobal a System Center Gold Partner and member of the System Center Alliance.

Since he started at Coretech in 2007, he has focused on Scripting and Development, primarily developing tools, extensions and scripts for the System Center Suite. His main area is Automation (including OMS/Azure Automation, Service Management Automation, PowerShell and Orchestrator). Another area is Windows Azure Pack / Azure Stack, where he does implementation, development, workshops and presentations. He is a world-wide renowned voice in the Automation field.

He is passionately devoted to the community, to which he contributes by being a moderator at TechNet and sharing his knowledge at

  • Co-founder: PowerShell User Group Denmark
  • Speaker at MMS 2016, Minneapolis (
  • SCU Europe 2014, 2015, 2016 (
  • Microsoft TechEd North America 2014, Houston
  • NIC 2012,2013,2014,2015, Oslo (
  • Microsoft CampusDays 2011, 2013, Copenhagen
  • Microsoft TechDays 2015, Sweden (
  • Microsoft Partner Event: New in SC2012 SP1
  • User group meetings (PSUG.DK , SCUG.DK/BE/NO, AZMUG + more)
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer.
  • Microsoft Scripting Guys Forum Moderator

Main working areas:

  • Automation (Azure Automation, SMA, SCO)
  • Windows Azure Pack / Azure Stack
  • System CenterVisual Studio Team Services / Team Foundation Server
  • Development:C#.Net, VB.NET, VBScript, PowerShell, Service Manager, OpsMgr, ConfigMgr
  • Orchestrator
  • Windows Azure Pack / Azure Stack


  • Azure Automation
  • Service Management Automation
  • System Center Orchestrator
  • PowerShell, VBScript, C#.Net, VB.Net
  • Windows Azure Pack / Azure Stack Development Workshops

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  1. Max Gaulhofer October 10, 2014 at 12:48 - Reply

    Hi Jakob,

    This training sounds fantastic! Me and a few colleagues could really use the this training and is in fact exactly what we are looking for.
    We are planning a new automation solution with Azure Pack/SMA at out high-tech company in the Netherlands.
    The planned dates are a bit to far in the future. I was wondering if it is possible to get a training earlier somewhere this year?

    The training doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, so maybe we there is an option for a try-out training? Please let me know what is possible?

    Best Regards,

    Max Gaulhofer

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