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Windows 7 has arrived, and everything is fine!
We only have one problem.

Many of the MOC Course Material is using the “Lab Launcher”.
The MSI for the “Lab Launcher” is not supported by Windows 7.
To Fix this problem a Hack/Edit of the MSI is needed.
Read this blog post for info about how to do it manually:


Big Thanks to Thomas Lee for the great tutorial!

I am facing the same problem as him a lot these days, and i usually did the Edit manually.
Therefore i decided to make a small utility that does the job for me!.



1. Extract all files to a folder on your harddrive

2. Open LabLauncherWin7Installer.exe

3. Open the MSI and the tool does the rest.


This version does the edit on the original file. I first created a version which copies it to a new file before changing it. Please tell me if you want that version instead.

The reason for changing it, was performance, since it takes a little while to copy the 200+mb msi file to the new name.

This is just a workaround, untill we get a better solution!
It is NOT supported by Microsoft