So to remember all the small stuff/solutions I encounter during my work day, I decided to create a series of short post, as kind of reminder to myself on small tips and tricks , as swell as solutions to basic problems.  I figure that instead of writing this stuff down in a word doc, I might as well share it ( so don’t be surprised if some of the things seams almost to simple )


Today I ran into problems doing hardlink USMT 4.0 on some machines having tree partitions, (one of them being the BDE 300 MB Partition).

The error was something like this:


USMT completed with exit code 38
USMT returned exit code (0x00000026). Look USMT log file loadstate.log for detail error message


So I found this KB;EN-US;2269650


I use MDT integration, so…

Add a TS variable  OSDStateStorePath = %SystemDrive%\StateStore, just after the Determine Local or Remote UserState” Step.