In my most recent customer project I was building a Windows 10 1803 reference image.

For this build I came across a kind of strange issue.

When deploying the reference image using SCCM, I got a weird error right at the end of the task sequence.


If I clicked Try again Windows would do something for a few seconds and then the task sequence would finish like nothing went wrong.

And the odd thing was that nothing seemed to be wrong, everything worked.

But the error would pop up every single time and that was not something I could ignore.

So I google’d and chased all over the interweb to find something useful about OOBE ZDP and I came across a blog by Matt McGowan who had struggled with a similar issue. You can find his post here

And that lead me pretty much straight to a solution, however mine turned out to be a lot simpler than his solution for 1703.

I added the following two items to my unattend.xml


Saved the file, updated the DP and tested…

No more “Something went wrong” for me, and this was deployment of a reference image with updates.

Funny thing is that these settings are deprecated according to MS …