To make sure a user can use/install a device that needs a driver, without needing elevated permissions, that driver can be staged in the Driver Store, using the Win7 native tool PNPUTIL. This is very handy if you need to support home printers on windows 7 machines.

PNPUTIL.exe –i –a “DriverPath”\*.inf

In SCCM OSD, disable redirect on x64 OS, or the step will fail, as the PNPUTIL.exe is in system32.

SCCM OSD Example: Adding HP LaserJet 1020 printer during deployment from a Task Sequence.

I have Created a package containing the printer drivers. The drivers are in a folder called HPLJ1020 within the package which has PackageID=A0100029.

To Add the driver, I run a command line step

cmd.exe /c PnPutil.exe –i –a %_SMSTSA0100029%HPLJ1020\*.inf



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