image Create a new package called Microsoft XP MUI
Note: It is not necessary to create a program for the package unless you intend to advertise the package to clients.
image The Microsoft XP MUI package should contain the files from the root of one if the MUI installation CD’s, and any language packages you wish to install.

In this case a included the Danish, Russian, Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional) language MUI’s.

image Now open your TS in edit mode, and add a Run Command Line step at the end of your TS (or at least after the Mini setup has finished).

Point to the newly created Microsoft XP MUI package.

In the Command line: write

MUISETUP.EXE /i 0406 /d 0406 /r /s 

Note: This will install Danish MUI and set Danish menus as default. To setup other languages look in MUISETUP.HLP .

image If you would like to use variables instead, jus replace the language codes with variables

MUISETUP.EXE /i %UserLocal% /d %UserLocal%  /r /s 


Right click your deployment collection, and choose Modify collection settings. Now add the variable UserLocale and assign the value 0406.

That value will then be used during deployment, In this way you can place computers in different collections and have different MUI’s installed on them.


Be aware that this will only work for region 1 and 2 (Europe and US) out of the box…

If you wish to add MUI’s for Asian or middle east type languages you will have to add support for these, by adding the necessary files to  your image, either before you capture, or during sysprep. A guide for doing that can be found here

A result of not adding these files will be a prompt for the location of the source XP CD.