To make an ISO file with a bundle of files, all you need is the Windows Automation Installation Kit WAIK. No need to pay for any 3rd party tool to do this.

This Kit includes a tool OSCDIMG primarily used for making a bootable ISO of your WinPE, but can however also be use it to create a simple ISO file containing files, so you can access them trough CD mounting, in your Virtual environments. (or what ever you would need the files for)

For this to work you must of cause have the Windows AIK installed on the machine  your working on. If it is a MDT or SCCM machine WAIK will already be present, but if not you can get it here.

For Windows7 or Server 08R2 or older OS’s

Now for the actual work:

Open The Deployment Tools Command Prompt as administrator. When working with WAIK you always want to work from within that prompt, as it will set the path to all tools, making it easier to do the work. And always remember to elevate, or you will receive errors when building


Once you are inside the prompt, simply type oscdimg –n –d –m “source” “target”

Command explanation:

oscdimg  call the program that will build the ISO

-n Fixes issues with 8.3 naming, making it possible to use filenames up to 30 characters in length.

-d Will allow use of lowercase file names. If leaved out all characters will be uppercase.

-m Ignores the maximum size limit of an image

source Path to the root folder of the files/folders you want to add to the ISO

target Name and location of the iso file, including the .iso extension



That’s it.. you now have an ISO ready for use with your Virtual environment or CD.