Lately I have been working a bit with UNIX/Linux in SCOM 2012. I feel about it almost the same way I feel about certificates. Usually it works fine, but anything wrong or any errors, and it can quickly be a time consuming process.


Today I ran into the “SSL Certificate Error”. I got this alert on servers already monitored for a week, so I seemed a little strange. I had also done the scxconfig –export and –import, so I couldn’t see how it should be a certificate issue. Also, the Product Knowledge was of very little help, as it just suggested what every single blog/comment on Technet suggests: check DNS, check accounts, check…




The only way I know that the certificate is handled automatically is when installing the agent through the Discovery Wizard. So I went on and pressed “Discover”, which gave me this outcome:




I clicked “Manage” and short after it failed with this message:


Failed to sign kit. Exit code: 1

Standard Output: Failed to start child process ‘/etc/init.d/scx-cimd’ errno=13


Standard Error: cp: cannot create regular file `/etc/opt/microsoft/scx/ssl/scx.pem’: Permission denied

Exception Message:


Doesn’t really make sense to a non-Linux guy like me, but the “Permission denied” is universal. I passed the message on to a Linux guy, who could make sense out of it. He fixed it with this:


RunAsAccount@servername:~> ls -l /etc/opt/microsoft/scx/ssl/scx-host-servername.pem

-r–r–r– 1 root root XXX Jun 17 11:06 /etc/opt/microsoft/scx/ssl/scx-host-servername.pem

RunAsAccount@servername:~> sudo chown RunAsAccount /etc/opt/microsoft/scx/ssl/scx-host-servername.pem



I have renamed the name of the SCOM service account on the Linux as well as the Linux server. After the Linux guy doing his magic I could successfully sign the certificate, and minutes later my Linux machine was healthy again.


Happy re-signing certificates’ing!