On my laptop I run dual OS. Windows 7 for daily use, and Windows 2008 R2 for trainer preparation, because the new MOC courses are based on Hyper-V.

Then one day, when I started the Server manager it showed me this message:


I tried to search the net, but found no answers, so I started to investigate it myself.

I had given my computer the name: CTJGSWINSRV2008R2

This name is more than 15 characters, which is the maximum supported in NetBIOS. I wouldn’t think this would be a problem, but when I looked a servermanager something hit me:


The computer name is not complete! It is the short NetBIOS version!.

So I tried to change the name to something shorter than 15 characters:


and everything worked !!

Afterwards I installed Service Pack 1, and tested to see if the error was gone, but it is not.