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I recently spent more time that I should have, trying to unpack both the Intel NIC drivers executable and the Mass Storage driver executable.

For some reason it is not easy to find the correct switches to use for this action, and when you find them it can be somewhat difficult to figure out exactly how they work.

INTEL Network drivers:

Download the newest NIC drivers from HERE

You now find yourself with and pro2kxp_xxxx.exe file who wants to install something on you pc (which you properly do not want). So in order to only extract the files you need, you have to apply some switches. 

To extract the content of the file to a specific folder type the following command in RUN:

PRO2KXP.exe /e /fC:\ExtractetNIC

This will automatically extract the files to C:\ExtractedNIC and you can now import them into MDT or SCCM.

INTEL Mass Storage Drivers:

download the newest drivers from HERE

Again you find yourself with an executable (properly “iata82_enu.exe”), and for some reason the NIC switches does not work with this file.

To extract the content of the file, type the following command in RUN:

iata82_enu.exe -a -n -s -p C:\ExtractetStorage

This will automatically extract the files to C:\ExtractedStorage

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  1. aidan May 20, 2009 at 4:52 - Reply

    This advice was extremely helpful…thank you!

  2. Kenn November 17, 2010 at 18:07 - Reply

    Windows complains that it cannot locate the file to extract!
    How do I specify where the file is located first of all???

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