For everyone posting and answering questions on the Microsoft TechNet forums, you might know that you can add a signature to you profile which will then be added to your Question/reply/answer.

This is a nice feature, as you are then able to tell “the world” about yourself, every time you poste something.

Now if we look at my dear Boss, Kent Agerlunds signature, you will see that it’s actually quiet nice. Simple yet informative!


One thing you might notice though, is the lack of hyperlinks to Blogs, Twitter and Linkedin. It also does not stand out from the text in the answer.

Now if you look at mine, you will notice that all links are highlighted, meaning they are hyperlinks, and all text is in bold character, making it stand out from the answer text.


So how is this achieved ?

Quiet simple actually. Just open you Settings and type in the HTML syntax to support this in your signature field.



<b>Your Name | My blogs: <a href=>Blog1 display name</a> and
<a href=http://blog2>Blog2 display name</a> | Twitter: <a href=>
@Twitter</a> | Linkedin: <a href=>Your Name</a></b>


The text in BLUE should be replaced with links to the actual places, and the text in BOLD should be replaced with what you want to show in the hyperlink.

You could add other stuff like font size, line breaks, color etc. That’s all up to you!

Happy signature makeover!!