…and why the Enterprise needs IT visualization

Two months ago, we launched the latest version of our cloud based visualization service CTGlobal Insight & Analytics and looking back at the last two years where we have been working with customers visualizing various IT KPI’s this post will answer the question I get from all customers “How do other companies avoid big blind spots in their enterprise IT?”

We all know the depressing facts about the damage caused by Wanacry, Patya and Adylkuzz ransomware and we also know that the impact of these attacks could have been avoided if only security patching had not been neglected.  Much can be said about the art of patching but it is not a super complex task in most IT environments.

So why fear ransomware at all if they are so easy to avoid?

Well, I guess the quote from Muhammad Ali “Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see” pretty much sums it up. Too many enterprises simply don’t know their vulnerability level and therefore can’t assess the risk.

Then what about Blue Screen of Death? or Application Crashes? How does an enterprise monitor these potential productivity killers?

The short answer is – they don’t. But they definitely should!

Not because these areas represent a security risk but because BSOD’s and AppCrashes happen all the time and almost nobody in the IT department knows about it.

I’ll risk my neck and state that these two types of incidents represent the biggest and most costly loss in productivity for IT users. Assuming the average reboot time for a PC is 5 minutes our findings indicate that enterprises are losing 6 – 10 hours of productivity per month per 1.000 clients. This almost equals a month in lost productivity per year caused by BSOD alone! …and with proper mirror adjustment it’ll take less that and hour to fix.

Just have a look at Insight & Analytics. Effective visualization and accurate data gives you the information you need to improve decision making and start hitting what you couldn’t see before.

Check: http://ctglobalservices.com/ctglobal-insight-analytics/