Convert a management pack to XML / unseal a management pack

  In my previous blog I wrote a step by step guide on how to seal a management pack. Say you have a custom created management pack, containing groups and such, which is sealed. Now you need to add another server to this group, which isn’t possible because it is sealed. To unseal you need to run a pretty simple command and a Powershell script, and here’s how: 1. On your management server, create a folder named MpToXml on the C-drive. 2. Copy the sealed management pack you want to unseal into this folder. 3. Create a .ps1 (Powershell) script [...]

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SCSM2012: The data warehouse registration failed

If you get the error "The data warehouse registration failed", when you try to register Service Manager with a Service Manager Data Warehouse server, it's maybe caused by the data and time formats settings for the service account on the Data Warehouse Management Server. Go to the Data Warehouse Management Server and log on with the service account, then set the data and time formats to English (United States) and log off. On the Service Manager Management Server, try to register with Service Manager Data Warehouse again. Hopefully this modification has solved the problem.

Scorch 2012 RC: It is out! Go get your copy today!

  Today Microsoft release alot of new versions of System Center software: Available System Center 2012 Products: System Center 2012 Configuration Manager RC provides comprehensive configuration management for the Microsoft platform that can help you empower users with the devices and applications they need to be productive while maintaining corporate compliance and control. System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection RC, built on System Center Configuration Manager, provides industry-leading threat detection of malware and exploits as part of a unified infrastructure for managing client security and compliance that can help you simplify and improve endpoint protection. System Center Operations Manager 2012 Beta [...]

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SCCM Admins guide to preparing your environment for Bitlocker Drive Encryption – part 3

In part 1 and Part 2, I talked about the requirements for Bitlocker and walked you through how to extend your Active Directory Schema if you run Windows Server 2003 SP1/SP2 Windows Server 2003 R2 domain controllers. We then sat the permission so that a Windows 7 machine was able to write its own TPM owner password to Active Directory. Today we are going to put the configuration made in part 1 and 2 to the test and enable bitlocker on a Windows 7 machine. Then we are going to install the Bitlocker Recovery Password Viewer for Active Directory tool [...]

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